***Note: ENTR 599 is a special topics course and the topics may change across terms. The special topic of "DEI in entrepreneurship" has been approved by the Curriculum and Assessment Committee for professional elective credit. Students wishing to take this course where the topic is different must submit a request to the Curriculum and Assessment Committee for review and approval. 

Course overview for DEI in Entrepreneurship:

Diversity drives creativity and innovation, makes teams smarter and more effective, and leads to better outcomes for organizations. Leaders who prioritize inclusivity also know how to leverage talents, skills, and knowledge to make an impact and achieve their goals. Throughout the semester, you will develop knowledge necessary to create workplaces and communities that value DEI, and further launch yourself/your entrepreneurial endeavors with a stronger DEI mindset. The skills gained in this course will serve you well as current students and help you be an agent of change in your future careers.

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ENTR 599

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DEI in Entrepreneurship

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