• Application letter/personal statement that includes your requested fellowship start date (1-3 pages) and the name(s) of the faculty with whom you would like to work. If you have served in postdoctoral fellowship appointments at any university for over five years or if it has been more than 5 years since you received your PhD or PharmD, include an explanation of your reason for applying for this additional training at this stage in your career. 

  • Curriculum vitae 

  • Research proposal that outlines your scholarly work and includes your research plan for the fellowship period (2-3 pages; references, citations, formulas, and graphics do not count toward the page limit). 

  • Personal statement that outlines your commitment to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia, through 1 or more of the following: scholarship/research, teaching/mentoring, service/engagement. There may be some overlap with your research proposal and teaching statements (1-3 pages). 

  • Teaching statement that describes your teaching philosophy, which may incorporate experience from formal or informal teaching and mentoring opportunities (1-3 pages). 

  • Dissertation abstract (PhD) or research program proposal (PharmD) of 1 page max. 

  • Writing sample (1-2 samples; 35 pages maximum. Examples include published or unpublished research paper or dissertation chapter. References, citations, formulas, and graphics do not count toward the page limit). 

  • Three letters of reference 

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