Contact Info Responsibilities
Elaine Chateau Elaine Chateau
Senior Student Administration Assistant for Experiential Education and Community Engagement
B021 Pharm
    • Support Office of Experiential Education

    • Preceptor and Student Information

    • Rotation Scheduling

Tammy Clark-Reed Tammy Clark-Reed
Senior Student Administration Assistant
1020 Pharm
    • Support Student Services

    • PharmD Admissions

    • BSPS Admissions

    • Orientation

Cherie Dotson Cherie Dotson
Student Affairs Program Manager for Graduate Student Recruitment and Outreach
1028 Pharm
    • Outreach and Recruitment

    • Admissions

    • NSF Interdisciplinary REU Program

    • Career Connections

    • COP Diversity Initiatives

Aimee Falk Aimee Falk
Executive Secretary
1020 Pharm
    • Support Associate Deans and Dean's Office


    • Career Connections

Caitlin Ferguson Caitlin Ferguson
Program Manager for Experiential Education and Community Engagement
B021 Pharm
    • Service Learning Program

    • Community Service Liaison

    • Continuing Education Program

    • Career Connections

Crystal Napier Crystal Gregory
Manager of Academic Affairs and Student Records
1022 Pharm
    • Degree Progression and Grades

    • Course Maintenance and Scheduling

    • Academic Standing

    • Certification, Board Licensure and NAPLEX Registration

    • Maintain Student Data

Briannah Henderson
Student Admin Assistant Intermediate
1020 Pharm
Matt Holliday Matt Holliday
Student Services Program Coordinator
1021 Pharm
    • Academic Advising

    • Career Connections

    • Outreach

    • Student Programming

Antoinette Hopper Antoinette Hopper
Student Affairs Program Manager
1025 Pharm
    • Graduate Student Affairs and Admissions

    • Student Financial Support

    • Career Connections

Holly Jablonski Holly Jablonski
Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans
1037 Pharm
    • Administrative support to the Dean, Associate Deans and the Dean's Office

    • Project Manager for the College's New Building

    • Career Connections

Julie Markum Julie Markum
Administrative Specialist
B021 Pharm
    • Manage student compliance with immunization and MLearning requirements

    • Coordinate student drug testing

    • Onboard new preceptors and secure affiliation agreements with practice sites

Nancy Mason Nancy Mason
Associate Dean for Student Services and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacist, Michigan Medicine
1032 Pharm
    • Oversight of Student Services

    • Advisory services for PharmD students

    • Student Organizations

Bruce Mueller Bruce Mueller
Associate Dean For Academic Affairs and Professor of Pharmacy
1036 Pharm
    • Oversight of Academic Affairs

Mark Nelson Mark Nelson
Director of Admissions and Student Counseling Services
1030 Pharm
    • Oversight of Student Services

    • Admissions

    • Outreach and Recruitment

    • Academic Advising and Counseling

    • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Donna Pikula
Assistant Director for Experiential Education and Community Engagement
B021 Pharm
    • Preceptor and Site Management

    • Assessment and Quality Assurance

    • Study/Travel Abroad Liaison

Paul Walker
Clinical Professor of Pharmacy and Director of Experiential Education, Community Engagement, and CE, College of Pharmacy; and Manager of Pharmacy Patient Care Outcomes, UMH Pharmacy Services, Michigan Medicine
B021 Pharm
    • Oversight of Experiential Education

    • Continuing Education

Elizabeth Woods Elizabeth Woods
Senior Student Administration Assistant
1020 Pharm
    • Admissions

    • Student Records Support

    • PharmD Investigations

    • Prospective Student Inquiries