Contact Info Responsibilities
Kelley Archer
Student Administration Assistant Senior
[email protected]
1020 Pharm
    • Student Services front desk operations

    • Support career services and connections team 

    • College of Pharmacy events and special programs 

    • Student organization event request processing

Jolene Bostwick
Assistant Dean for Co-curriculum and Professional Development and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacist, Michigan Medicine
[email protected]
1032 Pharm
    • Oversight of Co-curricular Program

    • Oversight of CoP Student Organizations

    • Professional/personal student guidance and well-being

    • Student Professional Concern Note Process

    • Leadership Scholars Program Lead

    • PharmD student academic success

    • PharmD career services

Executive Secretary Kerry Boyd
Executive Secretary
[email protected]
1020 Pharm
    • Primary support for Assistant Deans Sweet, Bostwick and Nelson

      Event planning

      LSP program support

      Student academic support

      Student organization support

      Career Connections

Paige Bratcher
Student Administration Assistant Senior
[email protected]
3568 NUB
Eileen Brussolo Eileen Brussolo
Student Affairs Program Manager
[email protected]
1031 Pharm
Cari Ceo
Admissions Assistant Director
[email protected]
1024 Pharm
Tammy Clark-Reed
Senior Student Administration Assistant
[email protected]
1020 Pharm
    • Support Student Services

    • PharmD Admissions

    • BSPS Admissions

    • Orientation

Caitlin Ferguson Caitlin Ferguson
Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Adjunct Lecturer
[email protected]
3568 NUB
    • Service Learning Program

    • Community Service Liaison

    • Continuing Education Program

    • Career Connections

Crystal Gregory
Assistant Director of Student Services
[email protected]
1022 Pharm
    • Degree Progression and Grades

    • Course Maintenance and Scheduling

    • Academic Standing

    • Certification, Board Licensure and NAPLEX Registration

    • Maintain Student Data

Markie Heideman
Content Marketing Manager
[email protected]
1020 Pharm
Antoinette Hopper
Student Affairs Program Manager
[email protected]
1025 Pharm
    • Graduate Student Affairs and Admissions

    • Student Financial Support

    • Career Connections

Holly Jablonski
Assistant Director for Administrative Services
[email protected]
2062 Pharm
    • Administrative support to the Dean, Associate Deans and the Dean's Office

    • Project Manager for the College's New Building

    • Career Connections

Julie Markum Julie Markum
Administrative Specialist
[email protected]
3568 NUB
Mark Nelson Mark Nelson
Assistant Dean for Student Services and Admissions
[email protected]
1023 Pharm
    • Oversight of Student Services

    • Admissions

    • Outreach and Recruitment

    • Academic Advising and Counseling

    • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Donna Pikula
Assistant Director of Experiential Education
[email protected]
B015 Pharm
    • Preceptor and Site Management

    • Assessment and Quality Assurance

    • Study/Travel Abroad Liaison

Nicholas Ragazzone Nicholas Ragazzone
Student Affairs Program Manager for Graduate Student Recruitment and Outreach
[email protected]
1023 Pharm
Sneha Strodel
Student Affairs Program Manager
[email protected]
1021 Pharm
Gundy (Burgunda) Sweet Burgunda Sweet
Assistant Dean for Curriculum Assessment and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, and Clinical Pharmacist Specialist, Michigan Medicine
[email protected]
3060 Pharm
Paul Walker
Assistant Dean for Experiential Education and Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, and Manager of Pharmacy Patient Care Outcomes, Michigan Medicine
[email protected]
3568 NUB
    • Oversight of the experiential curriculum

    • Continuing Education

Elizabeth Woods
Administrative Specialist, Curriculum and Student Services
[email protected]
1020 Pharm