Welcome to the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. Our faculty are pioneering new approaches to improving lives through better use of medicines with collaborative health services, precision pharmacotherapy, and translational research. We provide direct patient care through innovative, nationally recognized service models, and are advancing the profession with the next generation of educators and innovators through our PharmD Curriculum, Pharmacy Residency Programs, Clinical Pharmacy Translational Science PhD, and Clinical Pharmacy Translational Science Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program.

The next speaker will be Teddy Jennaro, PharmD, presenting his talk "Identifying Altered Metabolic Signatures in Septic Shock: Steps Toward Precision Pharmacotherapy" on Monday, 1/24/2022 from 12-1pm. The zoom link can be found on the following flier, we hope to see you there! Please note that some of the seminars will be virtual while others will be held in person at the College of Pharamcy, we will post the location of the seminar each week.

Faculty Spotlight

Bo Wen photo

Kristen Ward joined the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in October 2017. Prior to this appointment, she completed her undergraduate (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 2010), PharmD (2014) and Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2017) at the University of Michigan. Her fellowship was completed under the mentorship of Dr. Vicki Ellingrod, where she trained in applying precision medicine research techniques, such as metabolomics and pharmacogenomics, towards understanding mechanism of adverse metabolic side effects of antipsychotic medications.

Clinically, Kristen works in ambulatory psychiatry and in pharmacogenetics implementation. Her clinical and research objectives are aligned toward the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients with mental illness. Several of her current research projects are listed below, and include collaborative efforts with pharmacy students and colleagues in Pharmacy and Psychiatry:

  • Associations of SSRIs and pharmacogenetic variants with response in patients with depression and anxiety
  • Metabolomic mechanisms of antipsychotic-induced weight gain and insulin resistance
  • The impact of brief educational interventions on patient perceptions of pharmacogenomics