All PhD students accepted for graduate study at the College receive substantial financial aid and health insurance.  Students accepted into one of the dual PharmD/PhD programs should review the Funding tab on the Dual Program page to see funding options for dual students HERE.

Financial aid is provided in the following ways:

Graduate Student Instructors
Graduate Student Instructors (GSI) serve 20 hours per week in undergraduate laboratories and/or courses under the direction of faculty members. GSI positions are typically granted for one term each academic year. They include stipends, full tuition grants, and health insurance.

Endowed and Special Fellowships
Several fellowships consisting of a stipend and a tuition scholarship are provided to support full-time graduate study and research at the College. Please see a complete listing.

Graduate Student Research Assistantships
Twelve-month research assistantship appointments, consisting of a full-tuition subsidy, are funded annually by the National Institutes of Health, other divisions of the federal government, and the pharmaceutical industry. These assistantships include stipends, full-tuition grants, and health insurance. To qualify for financial support, graduate students must be enrolled for two terms a year and be on campus 12 months of the year.

Rackham Merit Award
A competitive award consisting of tuition payments and monthly stipends is available to newly admitted students in approved doctoral programs in the divisions of biological/health sciences and the physical/engineering sciences. Eligibility details here.

The stipend rate for all types of support - teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships is $34,794 per year. Health insurance is also covered.

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