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    From the laboratory to the patient

Welcome to the College of Pharmacy

For more than 140 years, the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy has had one overarching goal: to make a profound, positive difference in the health of the world. Our success in achieving this goal is one reason U-M’s pharmacy programs are consistently ranked among the best in the world.

We maintain a total enrollment of about 320 PharmD students, 90 PhD students, and 15 BS students. Because we believe that individualized learning enhances lifelong success, we offer a faculty-to-student ratio of 11:1. The remarkable achievements of our alumni in business, practice, and research settings around the globe validate our approach.

Whether you seek scientific breakthroughs at the bench, or the excitement of learning from clinical practitioners at hundreds of sites coast to coast and overseas, our College offers unparalleled choices. If you are motivated by the excitement of learning from the best with the hope of being the best, you will find no better place to realize your dreams than at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.