The MSIPS Medicinal Chemistry track coursework involves the application of many approaches including drug target identification and validation, rational (target-based) drug design, structural biology, computational-based drug design, methods development (chemical, biochemical, and computational), and “Hit-to-lead” development with the ultimate goal of drug discovery.

            Medicinal Chemistry Courses 

The MSIPS Pharmaceutical Sciences track coursework integrates fundamental principles of physical and organic chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, and biology to understand how to optimize delivery of drugs to the body and translate this integrated understanding into new and improved therapies against human disease.

            Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses

The MSIPS Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences track coursework and research seek to improve outcomes of pharmacotherapy through either a patient-centered “omics biomarker” approach or a system-wide “health services research” approach.

            Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences Courses


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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Tuesday, September 24, 2019