• Why should I participate in the Pharmacy Scholars Program?

    The Pharmacy Scholars Program (PSP) is an exciting way for students to gain a unique pre-pharmacy experience.

    Academically, students review coursework in mathematics, chemistry, calculations, and other topics necessary for a successful transition to pharmacy school. Students are exposed to first-year pharmacy courses taught by U-M's nationally-recognized faculty. The program sessions provide a challenging, yet equally rewarding experience for all participants.

    Professionally, PSP students gain the skills and confidence essential for success. Students work one-on-one with U-M faculty and admission representatives, creating an outstanding support network as they continue their pharmacy program search process. Students also receive mentoring sessions with current pharmacy students, building strong relationships and gaining insight into what life is like at the College of Pharmacy.

  • What might a typical day be like for the participants?

    The Pharmacy Scholars Program will be held in person, on the University of Michigan campus, in 2024. A typical day consists of speaker presentations, workshops, and mentoring sessions. Participants are in session from Monday through Friday.

  • What are the program dates?

    The Pharmacy Scholars Program will take place in person, on the University of Michigan campus, for four 4 weeks starting Monday, June 17th and ending on Friday, July, 12th, 2024. 

  • Is the program in person or virtual?

    The summer 2024 program will take place on the University of Michigan campus. 

  • Do I have to pay to participate in the program?

    The program is free to all participants.

  • Is there a program orientation?

    PSP kicks off with an orientation to introduce the program, help acclimate students to our campus, review the program schedule, and present other important information.


  • Do I have to remain in the program for the full length of time? What happens if I need to start late or leave early?

    It is the responsibility of program participants to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts during the Pharmacy Scholars Program. Exceptions are rarely made for a participant to begin the program late or leave the program early.

  • Is there a stipend?

    Yes, participants receive a stipend.

  • What supplies will I need?

    The program provides nearly all the academic and clinical materials participants will need.  A physical or electronic notetaking system is recommended.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Participants should choose appropriate clothing for a semi-professional environment and will be provided with a free University of Michigan polo to be warn during shadowing experiences. 

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