The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy is excited to announce two new fellowships in clinical pharmacy: Primary Care and Cardiovascular. These 2 year fellowships are paid and competitive opportunities for those having completed a PGY1 residency, or comparable ambulatory care experience. The evolving field of Pharmacy is poised to make a substantial contribution to improving racial health equity, by expanding pharmacists’ skill sets in working with diverse populations. The College of Pharmacy is committed to be part of the solution, and is working to address racial health equity, through research, education, clinical practice, and societal engagement.


There are two fellowships available, click on the options below to view the fellowship details!

Primary Care

This 2 year fellowship is an immersive program to foster development of health equity research skills through service to underserved populations. Our overarching goal is to foster development of clinical translational scientific skills that increase the fellow’s competitiveness for a position in academia, community health, or a health policy environment. These skills include and are not limited to:

  • Patient engagement and communication
  • Design and billing of clinical service models
  • Grantsmanship
  • Clinical trial design
  • Protocol development
  • Budget development
  • Regulatory submissions (IRB)
  • Study management
  • Deliver high quality patient care services in ambulatory care settings
  • Participant recruitment and retention
  • Project reporting and documentation
  • Present work at a professional meeting
  • Author scientific publications
  • Clinical and didactic teaching
  • Intervention development, implementation, and dissemination

The Primary Care fellowship is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and The Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) Center, Inc., a community-based, not for profit organization in Detroit, MI, that was formed to develop, promote, and provide comprehensive, accessible and affordable quality primary health care and support services to all residents of the community, with special emphasis on the underserved African-American and Latino population. This fellowship will require the successful candidate to be fluent in Spanish, including Medical Spanish.

About Detroit, MI

The City of Detroit is the largest and most-populous city in the state of Michigan. It anchors the second largest regional economy in the Midwest (behind Chicago). The city has a very diverse culture and a rich history. The CHASS Center is located in the Mexicantown neighborhood of Southwest Detroit. Detroit's Mexican population began settling in the area in the 1920s, and waves of immigration came in the 1970s and 1980s, adding to the community. In the late 1980s, the neighborhood was christened "Mexicantown" as part of a public relations campaign. Mexicantown is a thriving community, whose population demographics are 50% Hispanic, 25% are African American, 20% non-Hispanic white and 5% Arab American, according to the Southwest Detroit Business Association. Despite its name, the neighborhood's Hispanic community is not exclusively Mexican, and has a significant number of Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics as well, although over half of the Hispanics in the area are of Mexican origin.

Application Requirements:

  • Bilingual (Spanish-speaking)
  • PharmD from an accredited university or equivalent
  • Completion of a PGY1 residency from an accredited program or comparable ambulatory care experience
  • Good oral and written communication skills, ethics, professionalism and ability to work in a team-based environment
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