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UHC Counselor (CAPS)

Juemei (Jamie) Yang

[email protected] 734/764-8312
Classroom Support [email protected] 734/615-0100
Clinical Pharmacy [email protected] 734/763-6629
Communications [email protected] 734/764-3741
Computer Support [email protected] 4-HELP (734/764-4357)
Dean's Office [email protected] 734/764-7144
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion [email protected] 734/764-9710
Experiential Education [email protected] 734/763-0091

[email protected]


[email protected] (for requests for new or different lab or office space assignments only)

Finance [email protected] 734/936-3293
Human Resources [email protected] 734/764-3525
Interprofessional Education [email protected] 734/764-0696
Medicinal Chemistry [email protected] 734/647-8429
Pharmaceutical Sciences [email protected] 734/615-3749
Pharmacy Advancement [email protected] 734/764-7350
Registrar (at College of Pharmacy) [email protected] 734/647-2216
Research Administration (pre-award) [email protected] 734/647-2227
Research Administration (financials) [email protected] 734/647-1602
Student Services [email protected] 734/764-7312
Vahlteich Med. Chem. Core [email protected] 734/764-5504


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Wednesday, February 5, 2020