Undergraduate Research

BSPS students interested in careers in research are encouraged to explore faculty research profiles and become involved in research projects throughout campus. Research projects can vary by department and student interest (e.g, laboratory/benchtop based research vs. clinical research suitable for publication).  

Students participating in the BSPS Research Program will be required to enroll in at least two College of Pharmacy undergraduate research credits (i.e. MedChem 470, Pharmacy 470, or PharmSci 470) in consecutive Fall and Winter terms in lieu of receiving an hourly wage.

Honors Thesis

The Honors Research Thesis is an opportunity for students with high academic achievement and substantial research experience to be recognized. Students who successfully complete the Honors thesis will graduate from the BSPS program “with Honors” and this will be noted on the transcript and diploma.

Process Steps:

  1. Be enrolled in the BSPS program for at least 4 semesters.
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 through graduation.
  3. Apply by submitting a 3-4 page research proposal with faculty mentor approval.
  4. Enroll in BSPS research for academic credit (MedChem 470, Pharmacy 470, or PharmSci 470).
  5. Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 credits per term, for a minimum of two terms depending on their project area.
  6. Complete a 15-20 page thesis manuscript
  7. Present a poster on the College of Pharmacy's Research Forum

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