Medicinal Chemistry Department seminars involve a mix of prominent researchers from both academic institutions and industry presenting research at the forefront of Medicinal Chemistry (broadly defined) and presentations from our own students (dissertation defenses & research seminars). Seminars are held most Thursdays at 11 a.m. in 1544 North University Building (NUB) unless otherwise stated. Select a semester from the drop-down menu below to browse the schedule.

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September 7, 2023
1544 NUB
Nichole Klatt, PhD
Professor and the Director of the Division of Surgical Outcomes and Precision Medicine Research, Department of Surgery
University of Minnesota

Novel mechanisms underlying microbiome-mediated influence on human health

Faculty Host: Emily Scott ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
September 28, 2023
1544 NUB
Sloan Devlin, PhD
Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School

Host-produced, bacterially modified gut metabolites

Faculty Host: Marcy Balunas ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
October 5, 2023
1544 NUB
Vincent Njar, PhD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

The Resurrection of Galeterone and Development of The Next Generation Galeterone Analogs (NGGAs) for Prostate Cancer Therapy (Drug Discovery: Ingenuity and Serendipity or Is it the Other Way Around?)

Faculty Host: Nouri Neamati ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
October 19, 2023
1544 NUB
Jessica Reed, PhD
Vice President of Development
Genetobe and Diapin Therapeutics

Life After Graduate School – Discovery to Development and Dacomitinib to DT-678

Faculty Host: Mya Gough and Kathryn Hoegman
Speaker Abstract
October 26, 2023
1544 NUB
Jackie von Salm, PhD
Co-founder and Chief Science Officer
Psilera Bioscience

Re-Imagining Tryptamine Psychedelics for Mental Health Disorders

Faculty Host: Amanda Garner ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
November 2, 2023
1544 NUB
Henry Vanbrocklin, PhD
Professor of Radiology
University of California, San Francisco

Radiolabeled nanocarriers: Imaging tools for patient-based drug delivery

Faculty Host: Peter Scott ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
November 9, 2023
1544 NUB
Thomas Prisinzano, PhD
Director of the Drug Discovery & Development Core
University of Kentucky

Development of Synthetic Opioid Rescue Agents

Faculty Host: John Traynor ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
November 16, 2023
1544 NUB
Alison Axtman, PhD
Associate Professor, Strategic Genomics Consortium
University of North Carolina

Understanding the molecular basis of neurodegeneration

Faculty Host: Peter Toogood ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
November 29, 2023
NCRC B10 Research Auditorium
Wenbin Tu
Medicinal Chemistry PhD Defense
College of Pharmacy, University of Michigan

Development of Potent and Selective Small-Molecule PROTAC Degraders of SMARCA2 Protein

Faculty Host: Shaomeng Wang ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
November 30, 2023
1544 NUB
Amy Newman, PhD
Scientific Director of the NIDA IRP; Chief of the Molecular Targets and Medications Discovery Branch; Chief of the Medicinal Chemistry Section; Director of Medication Development Program

Dopamine D3 receptor-directed medication development for the treatment of substance use disorders: Rationale, progress, and challenges

Faculty Host: Martin Clasby ( [email protected] )
Speaker Abstract
December 14, 2023
1544 NUB
Tim Cernak, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Michigan

Chemical Synthesis Enabled by Information