The Medicinal Chemistry Department seminars involve a mix of prominent researchers from both academic institutions and industry presenting research at the forefront of Medicinal Chemistry (broadly defined). They also include presentations from our own students (dissertation defenses & research seminars). The seminars are held on Thursday, weekly at 4:00pm in 2548 North University Ave. Building unless otherwise stated. Select a semester from the drop-down menu below to browse the schedule.

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May 17, 2018
1544 North University Ave. Building (formerly known as CC Little)
Leroy B. Townsend Award Lectureship; Yousong Ding, PhD, University of Michigan Alumnus, Medicinal Chemistry PhD, 2010
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Florida; Gainesville, FL

Exploiting Microbial Genomes to Access New Enzymology and Valuable Chemicals

Faculty Host: George Garcia ( ) 764-2202
Speaker Website Speaker Abstract
May 18, 2018
Rackham Amphitheater and Assembly Hall, Fourth Floor
ACS MedChem Student Chapter Career Forum with Keynote Speaker: Bruce Roth, PhD
Former Senior Vice President of Small Molecule Drug Discovery, and Co-Leader of Genentech Research
Genentech, Inc.

The Discovery and Development of Lipitor: Would Anyone Make This Molecule Today?

Faculty Host: ACS MedChem Student Chapter ( ) Student Host: Nicholas Ragazzone and Andrea Shergalis
Speaker Website Speaker Abstract
May 31, 2018
2548 North University Ave. Building (formerly known as CC Little)
Maxwell A. Stefan
PhD Candidate, Dissertation Defense Seminar
Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan

Kinetic Characterization of Rifamycin-Resistant M. tuberculosis RNA polymerases and Novel Therapeutic Approach for Targeting Transcription

Faculty Host: Geogre A. Garcia ( )