U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy among the best in the nation.

While such surveys are limited in scope and utility, they do offer general insights on how our peers perceive our educational program. I happen to agree with them!

What sets a Michigan Pharmacy education apart from the crowd?

  • Since 1876, an internationally recognized leader in pharmacy education and research
  • The benefit of relatively small enrollments allowing students easy access to instructors and lifelong relationships with mentors
    • PharmD class size, about 85
    • PhD admissions, about 22 annually
    • BSPS program, about 20 per class
    • MSIPS program, about 10 per class
  • We benefit from the educational advantages of belonging to a close-knit community, yet still have access to the resource riches of a world-renowned University and  health system (Michigan Medicine);
  • Global impact by basic, clinical, and social science faculty whose research discoveries are felt in the corner pharmacy,  corporate boardrooms, and  leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories around the world 
  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas of the College, as we work to achieve an equitable and supportive climate
  • A large clinical faculty pioneering patient care concepts that are literally redefining pharmacy practice in every imaginable setting
  • Far-reaching initiatives with University, state, national, and international scientific and business organizations committed to speeding new medication therapies from bench to bedside
  • Talented students destined to be the standard bearers for pharmacy practice, research, and service excellence for decades to come
  • An influential network of loyal alumni whose ingenuity and passion for excellence has made a Michigan Pharmacy degree synonymous with professional and scientific achievement of the highest order
  • A student financial support package that is second to none. If you are considering a career in pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry, or other health or science related organization, you will not find a better place to start your career than at the University of Michigan.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) recently concluded after an exhaustive, on-site evaluation of our College:

“The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy truly demonstrates a commitment to excellence in all areas, and is ... recognized as a leader nationally and internationally in professional, graduate, and post-doctoral education, in the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge through sponsored research and scholarship, and in the development and implementation of innovations in pharmacy practice that have had significant impact on the quality of patient care.”

To learn how we can help you reach your dream career, call us at (734) 764-7312;

or email us at mich.pharm.admissions@umich.edu to arrange a personal visit.

Bruce A. Mueller 
Interim Dean, University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
Thursday, March 13, 2014