The MSIPS curriculum is highly flexible and offers students a wide variety of graduate-level courses from which to choose. Students tailor their educational and research experience in preparation for the next stage of their training or career. The program is a residential, full-time, one year academic program requiring 32 credit hours (24 coursework, 8 capstone) . Each credit hour is expected to require 1 hour in class and approximately 2-3 hours outside of class per week .

  • Fall semester: 11-13 course credits
  • Winter semester: 11-13 course credits
  • Spring/Summer semester: 8 capstone credits


Required Coursework (24 credits, 11-13 per semester)

Each of our three doctoral programs (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences) offer 2-5 foundational courses every year and a weekly scientific seminar every semester. All students will complete a minimum of 16 credits of coursework from courses offered by the College of Pharmacy doctoral programs. Students are expected to focus coursework in one or two of the three programs. The remaining 8 coursework credits may be from either College of Pharmacy offered courses or from other University of Michigan departments or colleges. 

Capstone Project (8 credits)

Students will complete a capstone project under the guidance of a College of Pharmacy faculty member. The capstone project will be completed in Spring/Summer semesters for 8 credits over 14 weeks, requiring a full-time commitment. The capstone project should be a research project or literature synthesis. Students will give a 20 minute capstone presentation and submit a written capstone report.

Below are sample curricula for both even and odd admissions years.  Course availability will vary depending on the year of admission.  A list of course descriptions for the U-M College of Pharmacy can be found HERE.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Tuesday, September 24, 2019