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Jan 2022 New research uncovers a path to lowering obesity in mice by increasing the effects of a key weight-regulating hormone
Apr 2014 VMCC Collaboration with U-M, MSU Researchers Aids in Finding "off" Switch for Scleroderma 
Feb 2014 VMCC Optimizing Possible Diabetes Drug with LSI Director Alan Saltiel
Oct 2010

VMCC Helps Secure $4.8M NIH Grant to Develop Novel Anti-virals

Sep 2010


VMCC Establishes Collaboration with Prof David Ginsburg (Life Sciences Institute) to Develop Novel Anti-bacterials

Jun 2009

U-M College of Pharmacy Names New Drug Design and Synthesis Lab
After Distinguished Alumnus Hans W. Vahlteich


PhD Student Turbiak Receives ACS Fellowship, Two Other National Awards

Jan 2007

Ten Former Pfizer Scientists Add "Exciting, Innovative Dimensions" to Pharmacy Education, Research


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Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Tuesday, September 3, 2013