The VMCC is an on-campus core facility for the design and synthesis of drug-like molecules and diagnostic probes used in biomedical investigations. 

Our Mission: To assist biomedical researchers in translating novel therapeutic hypotheses into proof-of-concept in animal models of disease through design and synthesis of small molecule probes, regardless of therapeutic area.  

The VMCC strives to meet the following goals:
  • Establish productive collaborations with labs engaged in probe or therapeutics discovery within the University and with external collaborators
  • Assist in applying for extramural funding to support our collaborations
  • Provide an opportunity for graduate students to get laboratory experience and classroom exposure to drug discovery and development
  • Provide quality fee-for-service synthesis and drug discovery consulting at affordable rates
VMCC Accomplishments Since 2008:
  • Analog design/synthesis for 28 projects (11 with external collaborators)
    • 8 have achieved some level of in vivo efficacy
  • 59 publications
  • 27 patent applications (six granted US patents)
  • 52 collaborative grant submissions awarded
    • $30 M in directs to UM (external)
    • $5 M in directs to VMCC (internal and external)

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Monday, July 24, 2017
Monday, July 24, 2017