Medicinal/Synthetic Chemistry

  • Small-to-medium scale synthesis of drug-like molecules and diagnostic probes
  • Medicinal chemistry approaches to improving potency, selectivity and ADMET (adsorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) properties of lead compounds
  • Collaborative grant preparation
  • Composition-of-matter patent preparation assistance
  • Early-stage drug development consulting


Computational Chemistry

  • Post high throughput screening (HTS) triage for selection of high quality leads
  • Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis
  • Virtual screening and drug design: ligand- and structure-based methods
  • QSAR and pharmacophore generation
  • Calculated properties
  • Quantum Mechanic (QM) calculations
  • Detailed Info on Computational Chemistry capabilities

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Tuesday, September 3, 2013