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Monday, April 14, 2014
Monday, April 14, 2014
  • The Michigan Difference

    The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy consistently ranks in the top 10 pharmacy schools in the country according to the U.S. News and World Report. Click here for more information!

    Although the University of Michigan campus is the heart of Ann Arbor, the city has much more to offer than just computing sites, lecture halls, and beautiful libraries! The culture in downtown Ann Arbor is one of the many reasons students love going to school at Michigan! Click here for an overview of all that Ann Arbor has to offer!

    More than 300 different student groups are active on campus, serving recreational, athletic, social, cultural, political, and promotional interests. Most pharmacy students belong to at least one of several groups in the College of Pharmacy. For a complete list of student organizations and groups, please click here.


  • Curriculum Overview

    P1 Year

    The fall of P1 year focuses on introducing the profession of pharmacy while teaching the basic skills of a pharmacist. Knowledge of the Top 100 drugs, dispensing practices, and communication skills highlight the curriculum. There are several group projects throughout the year and a number of opportunities to shadow and interview a variety of pharmacists.

    The first semester also starts the first of several Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs). Students will be matched with a Community Partner, an experience which will last for the first two years of the curriculum. Students are also matched with a P4 Mentor and encouraged to shadow their mentor on various rotations throughout the year.

    In the winter, students begin learning the basics of Therapeutics, Medicinal Chemistry, and Pharmacology. These courses introduce the aforementioned subjects and are meant to provide a base of knowledge that will continue to be built on as students progress through P2 and P3 year.

    P2 Year

    The second year of the curriculum is notorious for being the most demanding academic year. However, most students enjoy developing clinical knowledge in Pathophysiology and Therapeutics. Classes also include the continuation of the Medicinal Chemistry sequence, Pharmaceutical Sciences, which introduces pharmcokinetics, and the Community Pharmacy IPPE. The Community IPPE allows students to obtain experience in a community practice setting under the supervision of a pharmacist. New in 2018, P2 students will also gain experience in an Ambulatory Care IPPE at the UM Health System.  Students will also begin their PharmD Investigations Project, a unique research aspect of Michigan's curriculum.

    P3 Year

    The third year completes the didactic pharmacy coursework and offers a variety of pharmacy electives which further explore critical care, pediatrics, geriatrics, immunizations, parenteral nutrition, and other topics. Standard coursework includes Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, Pharmaceutical Care, as well as Pharmacy Law and Health System Pharmacy lectures. P3 students will complete their PharmD Investigations Project, an institutional/hospital IPPE, and a direct care IPPE.

    P4 Year

    Beginning the spring immediately following P3 year, the fourth year consists of eight five-week Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Students are assigned to APPE rotations based on their ranked preferences. These rotations take place in a variety of practice settings (such as community, institutional, ambulatory, administrative), and allow students to further develop their clinical skills and knowledge necessary to function as independent pharmacists after graduation. There are numerous practice sites offered for each rotation, with many students electing to pursue out-of-state rotations in sites such as Chicago, Washington DC, and Alaska. To read about actual student experiences, visit the P4 Rotation Blog!

    For information regarding our PharmD curriculum, click here

  • Financial Aid & Scholarship

    Financial aid available to pharmacy students at the University of Michigan includes scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs for undergraduate and professional students. Students may apply for federal and institutional grants, federal loans, and work-study employment through the Financial Aid Office.  

    Eligibility for federal forms of financial aid is limited to full-time students who are US citizens, permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens. To determine if you fall into the "eligible non-citizen" category, contact the University of Michigan Office of Financial Aid at:(734) 763-6600 or [email protected].

    Students applying for financial aid must fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available at www.fafsa.ed.gov, which is an online form. Students that do not posses a bachelors degree at the time of matriculation will be considered an undergraduate level student, for the purposes of financial aid only, for the first two years of the PharmD program.  Non-bachelor degree students must submit both the FAFSA form and the CSS Profile Form.

    Disclaimer: Prospective students should refer to the Office of Financial Aid for the most up-to-date information regarding financial aid.

    For additional information regarding Financial Aid, please see the list below:

  • Interviews & Admissions

    Applying to pharmacy school can seem like a long and complicated process, and the one question on every applicant's mind is "will I get in?"

    No matter how you might seem "on paper", the interview is one of the most important parts of the application process; it is both an opportunity for you to get a feel for the school and for the school to get a feel for you. Before your interview, think hard about your motivations for entering pharmacy school, your skills, and long term goals. Practice articulating those ideas to guarantee that you don't leave the interview with any regrets about how you presented yourself.

    For more specific tips about your interview day, click here.

    To see how you might compare to previous admitted students, here are some statistics about the Class of 2019:

    85 students in the class
    90% earned a bachelor's degree prior to entering the PharmD program
    ● 66% are female
    ● Over 50% are in-state students
    17 completed pre-pharmacy courses at the University of Michigan
    ● Students came from 43 different undergraduate institutions
    4 completed pre-pharmacy courses in 3 years or less
    ● 3.5 is their average undergraduate GPA/84% is the average PCAT composite score (See Applicant Characteristics for more information)

    For tips on figuring out if Michigan is a good fit for you, click here

  • After You Say Yes!

    Congratulations on your admission to the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy!

    Online Resources you will use frequently:
    ● Wolverine Access is the gateway to administrative systems at UM. It is where you register for courses, access financial aid information, view paychecks, view grades, etc.
    ● Ctools is a website used by professors to post electronic resources and announcements for your courses. Many COP courses use Ctools to post recorded lectures, powerpoint slides, and other resources.
    ● CoreElms is a website used by pharmacy students to manage requirements and their placement sites for Service-Learning, IPPEs, and APPEs.

    To Do List:
    ● Pay your deposit! You do this online through Wolverine Access.
    ● Complete your FAFSA in order to receive loans, grants, and scholarships. There may be additional documents to fill out, which can be accessed through Wolverine Access, as well as to review your financial aid status.
    ● Find housing : See the tab below about various neighborhoods and the pros/cons of living on/off campus.
    ● Complete your vaccination and TB test paperwork. TB tests must be done annually. These and any additional requirements for specific courses or placement sites can be found on RxPreceptor.
    ● Think about electives you might want to enroll in. Pharmacy students can elect to Pass/Fail one elective per semester, which is done through Wolverine Access during or after enrolling in the class. WA > Enrollment > Edit a Class > choose the course > under the "Grading" menu, chose "Pass/Fail" > complete
    ● Buy your class supplies. Many COP classes use coursepacks (purchased at Dollar Bill Copying). Textbooks can be purchased at stores, online, or through the pharmacy student book exchange, which occurs at the beginning of every semester.

  • Housing Information

    The Munger Graduate Residence aims to strengthen the interdisciplinary culture that already exists among University graduate and professional programs, by adding a collaborative living component for those motivated by the opportunity to create a unique community of scholars.  Opening Fall 2015, the cost of living at the Munger Graduate Residences will fall in the middle of the Ann Arbor housing market and should be compelling for students attracted to the combination of features, location, space, inclusiveness, flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from on-campus accommodations.  In particular, students new to the University and arriving from out of town can avoid most of the time and perils involved obtaining off-campus housing by securing space at the Munger Graduate Residences.



    Central campus/The Hill area- There are many houses and apartments within a short walking distance to the campus. There are many advantages to living close to campus like walking to the College of Pharmacy, enjoying Michigan’s campus, and staying longer at fun activities. The medical library and hospital are just north of the Pharmacy building. Although, it is can be more expensive, less area for parking, and many places are leased by the time graduates decide on their school choice. It is at least worth looking for a place to be close to the action!

    North campus- It is quiet, spacious, and a beautiful area with trees and forest animals. One can get away from the masses of student (except when taking the bus). The downside is communing 10 to 15 minutes to campus by bus and trying to plan out one’s day to take advantage of your trips to central campus. Many buses do run to and from north campus during the week and drop off you right in front of the Pharmacy building. Northwood apartments and Courtyards are the two main student housing complexes.

    South/Athletic campus - This area includes the athletic complexes and housing south of Hill Street. There is a little more party noise from all the fraternities and sororities that live on Hill. It is a reasonable walk to campus, 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how south you live. There are also Ann Arbor buses free to students to shorten the commute. One will be surrounded by other off campus students which can be good or bad depending on your style. Plus on football Saturdays you are closer to the action.

    Housing Companies
    -Ann Arbor has a fairly high cost of living. The rent for a student is usually between $400-800. Rent goes down the further you are from campus, but could be a hassle commuting to campus. Ask your landlord about yearly/monthly lease, utilities, amenities, furnishing, and parking. Some properties do not have parking spots. In that case, you can go to the city hall to get a residential parking permit. The university offers parking permits but at a higher rate (http://pts.umich.edu/permit_parking/eligibility.php#stu).

    Major Searches




    Here are some major housing companies in no particular order/preference. Some have comments from students who lived there.

    • Campus Management Inc. “a big selection of houses and apartments around campus. They cut our lawn and did many maintenance things for free in the house. Though, they don’t have a friendly secretary and they are spotty on coming to fix things right away." -John ('14)
    • Varsity Management: They have both houses and apartments, mostly located south of central campus. Amenities and coverage varies. It is an established company with good reviews.
    • CMB Management "Large selection of apartments. Great land lords, family-owned company, they are reasonable people. They have a good selection of apartments with great amenities (free internet, laundry, 40' TV, residents appreciation day with catered free food). Rent is mid-range. Property comes with parking." -JP 2011-2012 Geddes Hill

      "I don't remember any problems with it; however, you definitely pay a lot to get good locations, and I had to share a room to afford their rent." -Natalie ('14)
    • Courtyards Apartments New and beautiful apartments located on north campus near student dormitory, located about 5minutes away from bus stop. Amenities including rec room, study lounge, grill, theater, tanning, and private bathrooms.
    • Northwood Housing: http://housing.umich.edu/grad Positives: great bus access, rent includes all utilities and can be paid online, good maintenance, quiet neighborhood. Depending on which Northwood section, a person can have washer and dryer in basement of the house. Northwood organizes social gatherings for the neighborhoods too. Negatives: relatively thin walls, some Northwood sections have lots of kids= noise, no AC, no dishwasher, distance from CCL is not walking distance... 15 min bus ride; 5 min car ride, and the buildings are old. -Christina ('14)
    • University Towers University Towers is a large apartment complex located right on central campus at the intersection of South U and Forest. 1 block away from the pharmacy school. Rent is affordable. It is basically like a dorm.
    • Campus Realty “Nice locations, but they make every little excuse to charge you. They also charge for furniture” –JP 2010-2011 Charter House

      "They have great locations, but I didn’t like the landlords. It seemed like all they wanted to do was find ways to charge you for extra stuff (i.e. deduct security deposit money, take away your parking space during the art fair and charge money for it)." -Natalie ('14)
    • McDonald Management "They are very accommodating and fix all of our problems right away. Also, we have a great location at south u and linden." -Natalie ('14)
    • Arbor Landings It has spacious 2 bed/2 bath apartments that makes it perfect for sharing with a roommate plus an in unit laundry and community pool. The downside is it takes a bus or car ride to get to campus. -Katherine ('14)
    • Willow Tree Apartments "Willowtree is a colorful apartment community near U of M's north campus. The apartments themselves are nice, and the beautiful gardens and common grounds are nicely kept for tenant enjoyment. … a pool …free printing … 24-hour gym. The complex offers a quiet alternative to central campus living, yet is located conveniently on the AATA bus line for a short 10-15-minute commute to the College of Pharmacy...maintenance was quick …” -Ashely ('14)
    • Island Drive Apartments The postives are: the cheapest you can get based on its location with utilities included, any repairs are performed really quick, right next to the hospital and to Island Drive Park. The negatives are: management can get busy at times due to demand
      -Adam ('14)
    • 411 Lofts Luxurious apartments. 10minutes away from school.
    • Arch Realty Large selection of apartments and houses.
    • McKinley Large property at Glencoe Hills Apartments. Comes with clubhouse, pool. On bus route.
    • Zaragon Luxurious apartments for those that can afford it. Right on central campus.
    • Ann Arbor Woods Located about 10minutes bus ride from the COP. Rent is very affordable. Room is spacious. Management is reasonable. It is within minutes to shopping centers. Bus is right outside of the building. Parking can be a hassle in the evening. -Liz ('14)
    • Lake Village Apartments
    • Prime Student Housing
    • University-Places
    • Tom Clark Apartments
    • C&I Management
    • Post Realty

    Need a Roommate?

    Here is some way to go about finding one.

    1. Post on your pharmacy Facebook group or post a search on our forum under Housing

    2. Ask the Student Services Office for the new incoming P1 e-mail list if they have not already sent one out. This is the most direct way to find a roommate because there will be many fellow P1’s looking for a roommate too.

    3. Ask for the upper classmen group e-mail from the Student Services Office. An upper classmen might have an extra space to rent out or knows someone looking for a roommate. By the time you are looking for a roommate, most upper classmen know who and where they are living.

    4. See if the management company you are looking at has a roommate request list. Places like Northwood housing will match you up with a roommate for the year. They might not be in the pharmacy program but they are a Michigan student.

    5. Try looking on Facebook market place or even Craig's List. You can see photos of the people and most of them have a place but just need a roommate.

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    To contact a pharmacy student ambassador please email [email protected].

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