Students often struggle with what they should ask on Interview Day in order to figure out if Michigan is the right fit for them.  In order to help your decision it could be helpful to consider the following topics before the interview, so you know what is important in making a decision that is going to lay the foundation for your career.

1. Course Schedules. Make sure to look up the course descriptions so that course objectives are clearly articulated. Do you feel like these courses are meaningful and will adequately prepare you to be a new practitioner? Is there the opportunity to become certified to administer immunizations?

2. Internship Opportunities. Do most students attending the institution have problems finding work during the summer break or obtaining an internship in their desired area? Is there an eclectic offering of internships within the immediate area? Are students routinely accepted into competitive national internship opportunities?

3. Class Size. Are you going to mind have #X of classmates?

4. Faculty. How accessible are the faculty at the college of pharmacy? How involved are the faculty in the student organizations? Do they support students in their efforts?

5. Licensure Requirements. How many internship hours are required for licensure in the state where the college of pharmacy is located? Does the pharmacy curriculum provide the necessary hours through the experiential training program? Is this likely to change?

6. Student Development. How do you perceive the students that currently attend the institution? Do they display a professional demeanor? What are their priorities and do these match yours?

7. Teaching Methods. What is the role of technology in the curriculum? How frequently are standardized patient instructors (SPIs) utilized? How frequently are group projects assigned? Do instructors support active learning techniques?

8. Research. Is this something in which you are interested and desire to have on your CV? How important are these opportunities? Is there a required research project for graduation? Does the program support these efforts?

9. Residency Placement. Are students from the institution placing into residency programs, and if so, at what locations? How many students seek a PGY-1 or PGY-2 residency? Check out the UM-COP class placement statistics.

10. Transdisciplinary Work. Does the institution have opportunities to work with various professional students, and if so, in what capacity?

11. Student Organizations. How involved are students in the organizations? What are the available pharmacy organizations at the institution?

12. Administration. How receptive is the administration to student feedback on anything related to the college?

13. Facilities. Is there a pharmacy student lounge in the college? What are the amenities? How many computers are available nearby? Are there places to study in the vicinity?

16. Practice Experiences. When are students exposed to rotations or practice experiences? What do these consist of?

17. Mentorship Opportunities. Are there any programs in place that attempt to establish mentorships that would be beneficial for the student by helping to set goals and professionally development?

18. Campus Resources. What resources are available at the institution? Do they have a career center, writing help center, tutoring services, psychological counseling services, statistical advising, etc. Consider what resources you would utilize as a pharmacy student and the importance of each one.

19. Leadership Opportunities. Are students encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities? What opportunities exist for leadership development outside of formal student organizations? What initiatives or improvements have been led by students? Is there a formal leadership development required course, elective, or program at the College of Pharmacy?

If you have any questions concerning the decision making process, feel free to e-mail your student contact that was assigned to you before the interview process. That is what they are there for!



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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Tuesday, July 1, 2014