The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy consistently ranks in the top 10 pharmacy schools in the country according to the U.S. News and World Report. Continue reading to see why current and past students chose and the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy for their PharmD degree! 

Current students: 

Chris Dolan (Class of 2015) 

"The list of reasons for why I chose the University of Michigan seems endless. First and foremost, I knew that a PharmD from a top 10 college of pharmacy would be priceless in the job market.  Additionally, I knew that the opportunities and connections that U of M would be able to provide to me through our immense alumni base and huge, top ranked health system would be unmatched by most colleges I could attend.  Finally, going here for undergrad, I fell in love with the city of Ann Arbor and the culture, and didn't feel like I was quite ready to leave yet." 

Lauren Heath (Class of 2014) 

"I am interested in a pharmacy research-related career. I was very excited by the research opportunities offered at the University of Michigan. All graduates are required to complete the PharmD investigations project which provides students with experience and maybe even a manuscript! I also liked the slightly smaller class sizes at UM, the opportunities for scholarships, and the Ann Arbor community." 

Mandi Tsoi (Class of 2014) 

"I chose to attend the University of Michigan for many reasons. First, I liked that the faculty were really welcoming and quick to respond to emails. The student panel/lunch was very helpful because many of my questions were answered. I especially liked that Michigan linked us with a current student so that we could email them if we had any questions. The smaller class size was a very important factor for me. I wanted to be able to meet and know all of the students in my class, and also know the faculty on a more personal basis. With the smaller class size, I felt that there would be a better connection amongst both the students and the faculty." 

Rachel Lebovic (Class of 2014) 

"I chose to attend pharmacy school at Michigan because U of M has a strong emphasis on clinical pharmacy of which I am particularly interested. Additionally, Michigan has a great reputation, the campus and city of Ann Arbor are vibrant, and the alumni base is excellent. Furthermore, if you are from Michigan, then tuition at U of M is a tremendous deal for the money." 

Adam Loyson (Class of 2014) 

"I chose the University of Michigan because of reputation. Not only does U of M pharmacy have a rich academic history, it is consistently considered one of the top five pharmacy schools in the nation. The opportunity to participate in small class sizes and having a great financial aid package offered to me also made choosing U of M easy!" 


Kristen Gardner (Class of 2013) 

"I was excited to learn from faculty who are recognized experts in their respective field as many are authors of chapters in therapeutic textbooks. Also, the relationship with the University of Michigan Health System, which consistently graces the top of the list in "America's Best Hospitals," presents a unique opportunity to learn from rare, challenging cases and experience excellence in clinical practice. The faculty are amazing mentors that are truly interested in the professional and personal development of student pharmacists. They graciously share their network and involve students in opportunities such as manuscript writing and poster presentations amongst others. The administration at the College of Pharmacy encourages students to suggest process improvement initiatives and routinely involves students in the development or modification of such projects. The Leadership Scholars Program demonstrates their commitment to the development of pharmacists to become leaders in any practice setting." 

Tony Lin (Class of 2013) 

"I chose Michigan for pharmacy school because of the following reasons: 1) The Michigan Brand --with the rapid increase in number of new pharmacy schools opening up, the supply of pharmacists is also quickly outweighing the demand. Having a PharmD degree from Michigan will help turning heads when applying to residencies, fellowships and jobs. The Michigan brand can at least serve as a gateway for students to obtain an interview or at least get the interviewers to take a closer look at the Michigan applicants. 2) Small size class--Michigan has one of the smallest pharmacy classes in the country. To me, getting attention from professors and getting to know fellow classmates is one of the most important things one can get out of their pharmacy education. I did not want to be just a number in the classroom and have no references or networking opportunities for 4 long years. I did not bother to apply to other pharmacy schools because I did my homework and knew Michigan was the school I wanted to attend. That's how strongly I felt for the program and I continue to believe that idea." 

Melanie Engels (Class of 2012) 

"I chose the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy because of its stellar reputation. I had the opportunity to work with several pharmacists who graduated from the University of Michigan, Ferris State University, and Wayne State University, and each was able to provide me some insight about their education. I was very impressed with the experiences the University of Michigan grads had. The small class sizes and the wide range of clinical opportunities given to University of Michigan students opened the doors to numerous career paths for UM grads." 

Matt Lewis (Class of 2012) 

"I came to the COP because the school is highly ranked and because I wanted to expand my horizons with thePharmD research project. Little did I know how influential the staff here is in the world of pharmacy; we have several faculty who are world renowned experts and have even published chapters in the holy grail textbooks students around the country use. I also enjoyed all the extracurricular activitiesavailable to us, from professional organizations to student organized gatherings. I did not think that a school like Michigan needed my leadership or ideas, but I found that I was able to get involved and really leave a mark on an already highly regarded program. The networking I am able to do at Michigan on a personal and professional level is unrivaled as well, so my present and future look completely stellar." 

Ryan Edwards (Class of 2012) 

"As a lifelong resident of Michigan and graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I chose to attend pharmacy school at U of M because of a strong allegiance to the university as well as the belief that I would receive an excellent education and a valuable degree. I also love the city of Ann Arbor and knew that I would enjoy being part of that community. The fact that U of M offers a wide variety of courses was appealing as well."

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