A Library of Endless Discoveries in Drug Development
May 7, 2024
We’ve all heard of The Magic School Bus – a fictional children’s program exploring the inner workings of science through a series of field trips. The Magic School Bus could go anywhere and...
Long-Acting Contraceptive Designed to be Self-Administered Via Microneedle Patch
February 21, 2019
This news item was originally posted on Georgia Tech's news page.  A new long-acting contraceptive designed to be self-administered by women may provide a new family planning option,...
Faculty Receive Supplemental NIH Grant in Addressing Sex Differences Research
October 1, 2014
College of Pharmacy faculty members Dr. Vicki Ellingrod, John Gideon Searle Professor of Pharmacy and Associate Chair for Research Development and Mentorship in the Department of Clinical...
Dr. Balkrishnan and Dr. Park Receive FDA Grant to Study Effectiveness of Immunosuppressant Medications
September 22, 2014
Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, is the U-M Principal Investigator on a grant entitled "Transplant Outcomes Using Generic and Brand Name Immunosuppressants:...
College Research Ranks 10th Among All Colleges of Pharmacy
July 25, 2014
Each year, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) compiles a list ranking NIH/Federal Funding awards, which compares Colleges of Pharmacy across the country. The College...
Using Artificial Intelligence to Impact Medication Adherence
July 9, 2014
Dr. Karen Farris, Charles R. Walgreen III Professor of Pharmacy Administration, received funding in April 2014 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for an innovative text...
Sherman Lab Collaboration Takes Major Stride Forward in Understanding Microorganism Biosynthesis
July 9, 2014
In the June 26, 2014 issue of Nature, Dr. David Sherman, and collaborators have taken a major stride forward in understanding how the biochemical ‘machinery’ in microbes containing the step-...
Dissolution Conference Announced
July 9, 2014
Last September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded $4.8 million in project funding to the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy encompassing every department at the...
U-M, MSU Team Awarded NIH Funding to Develop Potential Therapeutics for Scleroderma
July 9, 2014
Modern drug discovery and development requires a substantial team effort, and Dr. Scott Larsen, director of the Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core (VMCC), exemplifies this with his recent...
Woodard Lab Discovery
December 27, 2013
CHOSEN A TOP 10 INNOVATION FOR 2013 In its December 2013 issue, The Scientist magazine named a product derived from a discovery in the research laboratory of Ronald W. Woodard, PhD, as one...
Moving the BCS Into the 21st Century
October 16, 2013
Gordon Amidon, PhD, is renowned for the role his research played in undergirding the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS). But the road to success covered a lot of miles. “The BCS...
Collaboration Rules Modern Research Enterprise
October 16, 2013
Steven P. Schwendeman, PhD, remembers when his father, also an academic, was coming up through the ranks. “Back then, it was important to show how independent you were so there was a...
2013 FDA Funded Projects at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
October 16, 2013
This summer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded $4.8 million in project funding to the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. The FDA’s goal: To accelerate Agency...
Newly Discovered Protein Fold Exhibits Novel Biochemistry, Potential as Future Drug
February 14, 2024
Dr. Mydy, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, studied the biosynthesis of a class of macrocyclic peptides found in plants with potential use as...
AHA Awarded a Fellowship to Dr. Minzhi Yu to Continue the Quest to Develop a Drug to Stop a Silent Killer
January 23, 2024
American Heart Association Awarded a Fellowship to Dr. Minzhi Yu to advance her quest for an aneurysm drug. Every year, an estimated 200,000 older adults in the US are diagnosed with an...
MDisability makes great strides towards improving health care access for people with disabilities
December 20, 2023
Activities include a dedicated medical clinic; a new, major research study; and ongoing professional development by core members.
Hemlocks in Peril
December 6, 2023
Paper from Young Pharmacy Researchers Honored
September 12, 2023
A paper from a team of University of Michigan pharmacy residents, students and faculty won the Editor’s Choice Award from the journal Pharmacotherapy. Lauren Spreen (PGY1 2022), Emma Dittmar...
Study Explores Prevalence of Drug-Gene Interactions, Offers Recommendations for Implementing Pharmacogenetics Services
February 27, 2023
A key focus of Precision Health, drug gene interactions (DGIs) occur when a patient’s genome impacts how their body processes a drug.  “Reducing DGIs is important because it could help to...