July 9, 2014

Last September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded $4.8 million in project funding to the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy encompassing every department at the College. This success affirmed our faculty’s scientific standing and our interest in having our research translated into drug product efficacy, safety, and quality. With the initiation of the first annual “In Vivo Predictive Dissolution Conference,” we continue to advance the science and guiding policies in the fields of product safety, efficacy, quality and performance.

The “In Vivo Predictive Dissolution Conference,” which was held August 4-6, 2014 at the University of Michigan, brought together experts from around the globe with representatives from academia, industry, and government in the fields of clinical science, engineering and basic science. This wide-ranging group of thought leaders presented on the state of current research in biopredictive dissolution science and methodology.

“I firmly believe that we are positioned today to bring the advances in science to the performance of pharmaceutical products in patients,” avers conference organizer, Gordon Amidon, PhD, Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Professor of Pharmacy and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. “Our conference serves to bring together experts who are involved in moving the scientific basis for important regulatory standards forward.”

As is evident in talking with Dr. Amidon, his aspirations for the conference extend beyond presentation of current research. His vision for this unique meeting of experts and participants is the development of a white paper on the research needed to modernize regulatory standards and inform future regulations. Dr. Amidon believes this collaborative effort will provide a platform for optimizing and monitoring the oral drug product performance field over the next 10-20 years. 

“I’m pleased to be participating in this significant event,” says James Dalton, PhD, who will become the College’s 13th dean starting September 1. “This conference is a great preview of what I expected to find at U-M, and I look forward to expanding relationships with our government, industry and academic partners. I am committed to advancing our College’s role as a leader in pharmacy and pharmaceutical education, research, practice, and service.”

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