November 14, 2019
Pharmacy students at White Coat Ceremony

The College of Pharmacy is accepting applications for its 2020 summer pre-pharmacy program, called Pharmacy Scholars Program (PSP). Participants will live on campus during the six-week program, which prepares students to take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), to be confident in the interview process, and introduces them to faculty and administrators in the College. It also exposes participants to the variety of career options one has with a PharmD degree. PSP is open to college juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and individuals who are making a career transition and looking to attend pharmacy school.

Applications are due February 10, 2020 – start your application

PSP has a strong focus on PCAT preparation, and participants will spend a majority of their time in test preparatory classes or facilitated study groups. Students will also participate in shadowing, in seminars and workshops related to pharmacy, and in simulated clinical and lab experiences. They will also meet pharmacists working in various areas of the field, and participate in formal and informal interactions with faculty and staff in the College of Pharmacy.

“Students who participate in PSP will have the opportunity to build their academic and professional skill sets and their understanding of the broad field that is pharmacy,” explains Regina McClinton, PhD, the College’s chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer.  “The program will help students feel confident when applying to and interviewing for pharmacy school. We also hope that participants recognize that you’ll find no better opportunity or preparation for success as a PharmD candidate than at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.”

To learn more about the PSP program, visit our informational webpage or email