Nursing 420

This elective course introduces the student to global health concepts and the network of organizations working to advance health care internationally. Emphasis for this course is on the global burden of disease, determinants of health and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to health care delivery. It will provide the student with a broad introduction to programs, systems and policies affecting global health.

Nursing 421

Interdisciplinary clinically focused elective course.  Explores issues that directly or indirectly affect health in low and middle resource countries.  Students will learn about health care delivery systems with a focus on global/public health concepts and health promotion and risk reduction.  Purpose is to broaden the student's worldview and global perspectives of health care issues.  Emphasis is on health equity among nations and for all people.

**Students may take only one of the following for professional elective credit: Nursing 420, Nursing 421, or Nursing 521.**

Nursing 521

This course will explore the issues that directly or indirectly affect health in low and middle resource countries from an interdisciplinary approach. We will focus on global and public health concepts and on health promotion and risk reduction in countries to which students plan to travel for field work, or from which they have returned. We will consider how history, culture, politics and social institutions influence health and health systems. Lecture this year focuses primarily on Latin America and the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.