February 11, 2022 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
2800 Plymouth Rd Building 18
Dining Hall
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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  • Q1. What is the purpose of the Research Forum?

    The U-M COP values research very highly and every student and faculty member actively participates in research endeavors. We want to recognize these activities in a public manner so we can share our research with the greater community.

  • Q2. What are some general details about the Research Forum?
    • U-M COP Research Forum will be held on Friday, February 11, 2022 at the North Campus Research Complex Building 18 from 9:00am - 5:00pm. 
    • College of Pharmacy courses within the BSPS and PharmD classes will NOT be cancelled on Friday, but many students have open afternoons (especially BSPS, P1, and P4 students) and are available to participate from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Consult Q7 from the questions below to see your roles for the Research Forum.
    • Poster presenters are advised to arrive not less than 15 minutes early to set up their posters.
    • There will be two separate poster review teams consisting of faculty, PhD students, post-docs, fellows, PharmD, and BSPS students to review both the Post-Doc/PhD and PharmD student research posters throughout the day. Most of you will be assigned to one team for the early poster session and another for the late poster session. Review team assignments will be released as we get closer the event and will include instructions on where to meet and the evaluation rubric.
    • A networking event will be set up for P1 students from 3pm-5pm during the Research Forum. P1 students should be “interviewing” all faculty to learn what kind of research opportunities they offer for PharmD Investigations.  This is the main formal event the college hosts to help P1s find an Investigations mentor.
  • Q3. Is attendance required?
    • Yes, attendance is required for all Post-Doc, PhD, Masters, PharmD, BSPS students and faculty at the U-M COP. If there is an extenuating circumstance that will prevent you from attending, then please use the following contacts based on what best applies to you:
    • BSPS Student:  contact Matt Holliday (mhollid@umich.edu)
    • PharmD Student:  contact Associate Dean Mason (https://apps.phar.umich.edu/forms/student/absence)
    • Post-Doc, PhD Student, Masters:  contact Antoinette Hopper (acast@umich.edu)
    • Faculty:  contact Holly Jablonski (hjablon@umich.edu)
  • Q4. I am a P4 student but I'm on rotation out of state during the Research Forum. Do I still have to come?
    • Yes, you are required to attend the event regardless of whether your rotation is out-of-area. This event has been timed to match up with the end of rotation block 8, and your preceptors have been notified that your attendance is required on this date. Thus, travel arrangements must be made to ensure that you will be back in time to present your poster on February 11.
  • Q5. Who else will be invited to the Research Forum?
    • Prospective pharmacy students
    • Other campus investigators
    • Alumni and VIPs
  • Q6. What is the dress code for faculty, staff, & students?
    • Professional dress is required at this event for everyone!
    • Males: dress pants, a long-sleeved button-up shirt, tie, and suit jacket.
    • Females: dress pants or a knee-length skirt, a dress blouse, and a blazer or sweater.


  • Q7. What are my responsibilities at the Research Forum?
    • Faculty:
      • Research and Tenure track faculty – participate in full program
      • Clinical Faculty – attend P1 networking session, mentor your presenters, and possibly lead a poster review team from 3-5pm. You are encouraged to attend the full program.
    • Post-Docs, PhD & Masters Students:
      • Participate in full program and serve as the lead on a late session poster review team.   Register your poster: Not available yet.
    • P4 Students:
      • Serve as a poster reviewer for the early poster session and present your Investigation posters. Register your poster:  Not available yet.
    • P3 Students:
      • Serve as a poster reviewer for late session and visit other posters. Complete assignment for Lifelong Learning course.
    • P2 Students:
      • Interact with poster presentations; learn about what kinds of research upper classmen are doing for PharmD investigations; coat room surveillance, and/or as an escort for visitors.  Complete assignment for Lifelong Learning course.
    • P1 Students:
      • Serve as an early session poster reviewer and review PhD/Post-Doc posters.
      • Interview COP Faculty at the Networking Sessions to select a mentor for investigations project.  Interact with poster presentations; learn about what kinds of research upper classmen are doing for PharmD investigations and determine what areas of research are important to you. Complete assignment for Lifelong Learning course.
    • BSPS Students:
      • If interested in presenting, please register your poster: Not available yet.
      • Serve as an early session poster reviewer and review PhD/Post-Doc posters.
      • Interact with late session poster presentations; learn about what kinds of research upper classmen are doing for PharmD investigations and determine what areas of research are important to you. Read through and recognize that at least 6 BSPS students are presenting posters.
  • Q8. Who will be presenting their research at the Research Forum Poster Sessions?
    • Post-Docs, PhD, Masters, and BSPS students will present at the early session from 12:30-2:30pm.
    • PharmD students will present their PharmD Investigation projects in the late session from 3:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Q9. What is expected of my presentation to faculty and student reviewers?
    • Faculty and student reviewers will be grouped and assigned to presentations in advance of the event date, and notified by e-mails of their assignments.
    • Review Teams will meet at their assigned time to receive their poster review rubrics and then as a team will begin the review of the assigned posters.
    • Poster presenters should have a ~5 minute presentation prepared for review teams, and also allow for a 5 minute session of Q&A and general feedback at the conclusion of their presentation.
    • Rubrics for poster presentations and advanced preparation can be accessed HERE.
    • The feedback that presenters receive during this session is used to gain experience in presenting research – the score received will not factor into any grading in any course.
  • Q10. What size poster should I make?
  • Q11. I have already presented my poster at a professional meeting. Do I need to make a new one?

    No. Please present the same poster at Research Forum that you presented at a previous professional meeting. We want to use our resources as wisely as possible.

  • Q12. Where can I get a poster made?
    • Posters can be printed at many places on campus:  Duderstadt Center, Physics, Kinkos, Posterbolt.com or in the Randall Building behind the College (requires shortcode; https://kb.lsa.umich.edu/lsait/index.php/Poster_Printing)
    • Talk to your research mentor for details on how to make an effective poster. If you are a PhD student, contact your research mentor on how to proceed with getting your poster printed. Contact Dean Mueller if any issues arise.
    • Funds for making your poster are available through your research mentor.
  • Q13. How will I know where to hang my poster at the Research Forum?

    Everyone with a research poster must register before the meeting so that we can ensure we have enough places set up for you. You will be assigned a poster location and time to present, which will be provided to you in advance of the event.

  • Q14. How will the posters be hung?

    Push pins will be provided at the Research Forum.

  • Q15. I conducted my research with another student. Do we each need to contribute a poster for the Research Forum?

    No - it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one investigator on a poster.  Each student will present separately to the Poster Review Team.

  • Q16. Do I have to stand by my poster the whole time?
    • The purpose of the UMCOP Research Forum is to learn about research being conducted by the COP. We want you to see other researcher being conducted, but attendees also want to learn about your research!
    • To accommodate both goals, you will be assigned a one-hour block of time to stand by your poster. Odd numbered posters will present during the first hour of the session and even numbered posters in the second hour. We will schedule the poster review team to visit you during your assigned time period. You should check out other posters during your open hour of time.
  • Q17. I have invited family/friends to the Research Forum. Where can they park?
    • Your family and friends are invited and encouraged to attend.
    • The event will be held in Dining Hall in the North Campus Research Complex Building 18.
    • Blue Parking available at NC100, which is located across from Building 18. 
    • Bus transportation to/from NCRC: http://ltp.umich.edu/transit/routes.php.  More detailed information will be provided on bus transportation provided by the College of Pharmacy.