Elective track for students interested in health informatics

The emergence of electronic health record systems and pharmacy automation offers an opportunity for pharmacists to help design, develop, implement, and evaluate health information technologies. However, pharmacists seeking to improve information resources will need to understand the fundamentals of health informatics. Pharmacy students at Michigan with a strong interest have a wonderful opportunity to study health informatics and to learn how the information resources that pharmacists use may be improved. 

The University of Michigan’s health informatics program offers pharmacy students an opportunity to learn about the computational and behavioral sciences that constitute health informatics through a three-course series of electives. Students may be able to apply these elective credits towards a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics. However, it is important to recognize that additional courses must be taken to earn the certificate. 

Health Informatics Elective Courses: 
The health informatics elective course sequence includes three elective courses (9 credits) in health informatics to be taken by pharmacy students during their first three years in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. 

Course 1 - HMP668 - Introduction to Health Informatics (Fall, 3 credits) 

Course 2 - SI622 Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation (Winter, 3 credits) OR SI525 Empirical Methods in Health Informatics (Winter, 3 credits) 

Course 3 - SI501 Contextual Inquiry and Project Management (When offered) OR SI661 Managing Health Informatics (Fall, 3 credits) 

Sequencing of these courses may be necessary due to prerequisites. In general, pharmacy students should take HMP 668 – Introduction to Health Informatics, in the fall of their P1 year. 

Enrollment in health informatics courses is limited. The elective sequence in health informatics best fits those students who wish to deeply immerse themselves in the fundamentals of the field. For this reason, students interested in completing this series of courses are requested to contact one of the individuals listed below to discuss their interests. 




Allen J. Flynn, Pharm.D., CPHIMS, Ph.D. Candidate 
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (734) 615-0839


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016