October 22, 2014

The student chapter of University of Michigan Health-System Student Pharmacists (UM-HSP) has been honored with the Outstanding Professional Development Project Award from American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

Each year, UM-HSP hosts a professional development event, with the goal to further the education of members about health-system pharmacy, as well as facilitate relationships between student pharmacists and other professionals.  The 2013-2014 professional development event hosted by UM-HSP was “Mentoring in a Moment.” 

“Mentoring in a Moment” was a networking event with the long-term goal of facilitating mentoring relationships between pharmacy students and health-system pharmacists.  Hosted at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, this event paired 35 current pharmacy students with two-to-three of the 35 participating pharmacists for 20-minute sessions.  Pharmacists shared information about their background, practice, and interests with students interested in exploring health-system pharmacy.  Students had the opportunity to learn about several different pharmacy fields, including ambulatory care, clinical specialties, staff pharmacy, research pharmacy, and pharmacy management.

The “Mentoring in a Moment” event was extremely successful, with both pharmacists and pharmacy students giving an enthusiastic response after the night. 

“I thought the event was a great opportunity to meet pharmacists that you may not normally have the chance to meet. It was interesting to hear how my mentors had decided upon their current career choice and gain valuable advice in regards to preparing for Midyear and how to look for residencies that suit my interests,” states one P1 student.

Not only did students get to meet practicing pharmacists, but the event also provided the opportunity to shadow mentors and form lasting relationships. 

"This event connected me with one of the most enthusiastic organ transplant pharmacists, whom I later had the opportunity to invite as a preceptor for a high school health presentation," adds Alena Wu, PharmD’16.

“Our students continue to inspire me with their innovative programming and vision for continued professional development.  In the case of “Mentoring in a Moment,” the students were able to draw upon the expertise of many mentors.  Additionally, the students were able to consider their future roles in pharmacy and opportunities associated with the future of pharmacy,” states Dr. John Clark, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Director of Pharmacy Services at the U-M Health System.

Receiving an Outstanding professional Development Project Award is a title of distinguished honor, and UM-HSP will present their winning project during the Student Society Showcase at the 2014 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and be recognized during the Pharmacy Student Forum Awards Ceremony. Projects were evaluated on: (1) content and information, (2) creativity and resourcefulness, (3) service, outreach, and impact, and (4) overall impression.

“UM-HSP is extremely honored by the receipt of the Outstanding Professional Development Project Award from ASHP.  We are excited to partner with PSGC this year to host Mentoring in a Moment again and continue helping students connect with possible mentors,” states Emily Belarski, PharmD’17, UM-HSP president-elect.

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