November 23, 2020

As the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, most Americans have seen large shifts in their daily lives. Similarly, research, practice, and education within the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy has undergone significant changes. 

Students are practicing distant learning, utilizing new technologies during in-person classes, working in the lab in shifts, and creatively building communities and staying connected. Faculty clinicians are optimizing telepharmacy, wearing more PPE, planned a field hospital, and more.

Researchers at Michigan Pharmacy quickly adapted to address issues related to the pandemic.  In fact, Pharmacy researchers were the first to get back into their labs this spring, due in large part to the hand sanitizer and disinfectant compounded by our students and faculty volunteers. Faculty are now hard at work applying their expertise to find solutions to many of the pressing issues related to the pandemic, from developing new therapies to ensuring that patients receive their routine medications

Your support helps keep this vital research going. Consider supporting the College’s COVID-19 Research Fund today. 

COVID-19 continues to affect every element of our lives, and a solution to the pandemic will need to be multi-dimensional. The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy’s faculty are working to address many elements of the disease, hopefully getting us one step closer to normalcy.