December 13, 2017
Congratulations to Dr. Gordon L. Amidon, who was named the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education’s 2017 Mentor of the Year.

Gordon L. Amidon, PhD, William I. Higuchi Distinguished University Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Professor of Pharmacy, is the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education’s (AFPE) 2017 Mentor of the Year. The Mentor of the Year Award recognizes faculty who are nominated by their students or current or past AFPE Fellows, for their guidance, dedication, leadership, instruction, and encouragement. Prof. Amidon has mentored over eighty doctoral and postdoctoral students, and twenty of his mentees have gone on to pursue academic careers.

In addition to being an outstanding mentor, Prof. Amidon is a prolific researcher and author. He has published over 350 papers, 30 book chapters, 370 abstracts, and co-edited eight books, and is internationally known for his research in the field of drug absorption, transport phenomena, solubility and dissolution, and prodrugs.

Students are quick to praise Amidon for his support, guidance, and encouragement as a mentor: “Prof. Amidon is truly an inspirational mentor. His insightful vision of science deepened my understanding of pharmaceutical science, and his creative thoughts always inspired me to discover the new things and enjoy the happiness from the scientific findings. An educator for many years, he is kind, funny, sharp and simply has a way with words that is unforgettable. His class was always informative, interesting and memorable. But he taught me a lot more than science. He taught me the power of self-confidence, discipline and how to push myself to reach my full potential. He demonstrated to us what a great scientist and mentor look like, and he is truly a role model for me in my research and career.”

Another student said that “Being Prof. Amidon's student is the best thing happened in my professional career. Prof. Amidon taught us how to develop research ideas, how to conduct research, how to communicate the findings, how to interact with professionals, and beyond.”

“It is both deeply satisfying and humbling to receive the AFPE Mentor of the Year Award,” said Prof. Amidon. “Satisfying because training and educating students to function as professional scientists has been personally, for me, the most enjoyable component of my academic career. Humbling because it has been my good fortune and joy to actually have the opportunity work with the many very bright students over my 45+ years in the academic profession of pharmacy; to teach them and to watch them learn and grow.”