Day 1: Monday, August 4, 2014

Time Title Speaker
7:30am Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
8:30am Welcome Dean Ascione
8:40am Introduction: Renaissance in Dissolution G.L. Amidon
9:00am Dissolution as a Basis for Product Quality L. Yu

Current Dissolution Methodologies - Moderator:  G.E. Amidon

9:30am BCS, The Process of Incorporation; Specific Advance into Regulatory Guidance A. Hussain
10:00am In Vivo Fluid Environment Fasted/Fed A. Müllertz
10:30am Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
11:00am Dissolution: An In Vivo Predictive Tool D. Friesen
11:30am Dissolution Methodologies: USP E. Stippler
12:00pm Biorelevant Media and Dissolution J. Krämer
12:30pm Lunch Break


Recent Advances on Dissolution Methodologies - Moderator: P. Langguth

2:00pm ASD System: Industrial Application D. Sperry
2:30pm The Best Buffer in the World: CO2/Bicarbonate; How to Match G.E. Amidon
3:00pm Mass Transport Analysis of Dissolution Methodology D. Mudie
3:30pm Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
4:00pm Mechanistic Disintegration, the Forgotten Process P. Langguth
4:30pm Hydrodynamics and Dissolution for CR Systems B. Abrahamsson
5:00pm FDA Reserach in Dissolution: QC vs. IPD C. Buhse


Posters/Wine & Cheese Reception; Michigan League Ballroom


Day 2: Tuesday, August 5 - In Vivo Physiology

In Vivo Predictive Variables - Moderator: D. Mudie

Time Title Speaker
8:00am GI PET Studies of GI Transport S. Yamashita
8:30am Intestinal Fluid and Drug Measurements D. Sun
9:00am Biorelevant Dissolution Profiling: A Molecular Perspective C. Bergstrom
9:30am MRI Studies for GI Fluid and Transport W. Weitschies
10:00am Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
10:30am MRI Study of BE Intestinal Volume (t) L. Marciani
11:00am In Vivo Hydrodynamic Relevance of In Vitro Dissolution Methods and Mathematical Models J. Brasseur
11:30am GI Fluid and Cellular Transport and Metabolism H. Lennernäs
12:00pm Mass Transport Modeling and Simulation: Use In A Regulatory Environment R. Lionberger
12:30pm Lunch Break  

Viewpoints: Industry, USP, FDA - Moderator:  R Löbenberg

1:30pm USP Dissolution and In Vivo Relevance M. Bermejo
2:00pm In Vivo Predictive Dissolution: Industry M. Hawley
2:30pm Simulation of In Vivo Predictive Dissolution J. Crison
3:00pm Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
3:30pm Dissolution of Supersatured and Lipidic Systems P. Gao
4:00pm International Pharmacopeia Dissolution Standards R. Löbenberg  
4:30pm Panel  
5:30pm Conclude G.L. Amidon

Day 3: Wednesday, August 6

Product Development Needs - Moderator: D. Sperry

Time Title Speaker
7:00am Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall   
8:00am In Vivo Dissolution Prediction and In Vivo Permeability Variation in the Intestine A. Dahan
8:30am Oral Product Dissolution: An Engineer's View F. Muzzio
9:00am In Vivo Dissolution and IVIVC J. Polli
9:30am Dissolution of Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals N. Rodriguez
10:00am Biopharmaceutics In Vivo Simulation K. Sugano
10:30am Coffee Break; Rackham 4th Floor/Assembly Hall  
11:00am BCS Class and Subclass for IVIVC J. Cook
11:30pm BCS and Subclasses: In Vivo Predictive Dissolution, A Starting Point G.L. Amidon
12:00pm Dissolution "White Paper": Introduction for Discussion G.E. Amidon
12:30pm Program Conclusion  

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014