Victor E. Marquez, PhD'70, has authored a new book, to be available Nov. 16, 2021. The Ups and Downs in Drug Design: Adventures in Medicinal Chemistry highlights the necessity for an integrative approach in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. As medicinal chemistry is not a monolithic science, it is important to emphasize the other various disciplines that are required for successful drug design. This book presents the author’s own personal experience in this field and describes the "ups" and "downs" that come with drug discovery. 

According to Dr. George Garcia, "Dr. Marquez goes to great lengths to explain the chemical rationales that he and his teams followed including the development and utilization of efficient synthetic schemes and the molecular mechanisms of action of the potential drug candidates that they pursued. The stories that Dr. Marquez relates illustrate the challenges they faced, the joys of the successes and the frustrations of the defeats in drug discovery. More importantly, they guide the reader through the thought processes and what was learned in each of these efforts even when the success was less than hoped for." 

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