February 20, 2018
Starting in the back left and moving across the couch to the right: Abby Wilson, Rebekah Mahoney, Rachel Hay, Nicole Kang, Grace Hohn, Amanda Fodera, Anthony Mack, Laura Hayes, Lucas Hamelink. Sitting on the floor on the left is Alexis St. Martin. Sitting on the floor on the right is HeeJae Choi.

At the end of last semester, members of the Pharmacy Christian Fellowship (PCF) collected personal care items, donated by students, faculty, and staff of the U-M College of Pharmacy and friends and family members. PCF members then assembled 72 bags, and each member took a few to give out to homeless people on campus.

The initiative was organized by Amanda Fodera, P2, PCF treasurer, along with help from the PCF Executive Board. “I frequently notice homeless people on campus, and I wanted to have an impact on the lives of those who are often forgotten and truly need help,” explained Amanda. “As pharmacy professionals and students, we all want to help those who need it. We want to make sure our patients' lives are the best that they can be, even though they might have certain conditions weighing them down. The homeless people of Ann Arbor could have a number of factors affecting their lives. I hope that our small gesture will alleviate some of the burden.”

“It was rewarding to see the appreciation in the people's faces when we handed them a bag, they were so thankful and touched,” Amanda continued. “One recipient said that she was really blessed by our contributions and she was happy that people cared. Another recipient said that most people she encounters try not to make eye contact with her, and she is often ignored. She would rather have someone look at her, smile, and say hello even if they can't give her assistance, than someone who just tries to avoid her all together. Most of the people that we talked to expressed that they were going through tough times financially and were trying to get back on their feet. They were all just very appreciative.”

The members of PCF would also like to thank everyone who donated to this cause.