December 5, 2014

The International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research/Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (ISPOR/AMCP) student chapter at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy held its annual Etiquette Dinner at the Michigan League on November 18, 2014. As one of the marquee student run events held at the College of Pharmacy, the event was attended by the Deans of the College, in addition to over 60 faculty and students in both PharmD and PhD programs.

The event aims to teach attendees proper etiquette and conduct in professional business settings through a “mocktail” reception followed by a multi-course meal during which an invited speaker demonstrates proper table etiquette.

Although the premise of the event remains the same from year to year, small details of the Etiquette Dinner are changed annually to keep the event entertaining for attendees and relevant to the modern business environment.

In addition to the traditional etiquette instructor, the 2014 event saw the inclusion of an additional speaker who spoke on the topics of personal branding and digital marketing via social media. Attendees engaged in activities and discussions within their tables as to how web-based platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter could influence a candidate’s job prospects. The inclusion of this topic sparked lively discussion between faculty and students and helped to bridge the gap between a generation that had grown up without personal computing and a new generation of students that matured with the evolution of social networking. Both speakers blended dinner etiquette and social media together in a way that reflected both the old and new norms of business and created an atmosphere of team based learning.

For both students and faculty, the Etiquette Dinner remains an annual highlight for learning and networking. As such, the ISPOR/AMCP Executive Board would like to thank the ISPOR National Office, as well as the following alumni, for their generous support of this event. The event helps the student chapter to grow in membership and interest and helps to develop effective student leaders for the future of ISPOR.

  • Ryan Foster, PharmD‘05
  • Robert Loveland, PharmD‘84
  • Jennifer Snook, PharmD‘00

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