March 4, 2022
Candidates and faculty connect at the Advance to Candidacy Ceremony.

With the 2020 Advance to Candidacy ceremony postponed, the College recognized both those who earned candidacy in 2020 and 2021 in a joint ceremony. Thirty-seven students from the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry, and Clinical Pharmacy departments were celebrated for their academic achievement.

Reaching candidacy is an important milestone and accomplishment, signifying that a student has completed their coursework and other requirements of their graduate program. When a student reaches candidacy, they will move on to the research phase of their academic program. Candidates will begin to hone their research skills and develop their research interests, joining a community of researchers at the University of Michigan. The depth and breadth of the Michigan research community provides a wide range of learning opportunities and support for Pharmacy PhD candidates, as does the extensive Michigan Pharmacy alumni network.

Vicki Ellingrod, PharmD, Senior Associate Dean and John Gideon Searle Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, welcomed attendees to the event. Anna Mapp, PhD, Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Initiatives, U-M Rackham Graduate School offered her congratulations to the students, their mentors, and guests in attendance.

Bruce Mueller, PharmD, Interim Dean and Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, and Antoinette Hopper, MS, Student Affairs Program Manager, College of Pharmacy introduced the new candidates.

Congratulations to the new candidates:

Emily Briggs (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Sean McCarty (Medicinal Chemistry)

Yingzi Bu (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Andrew McGrath (Medicinal Chemistry)

Luis Fernando Cervantes Vasquez (Medicinal Chemistry)

Zera Montemayor (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Ciao-Sin Chen (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Antonela Rodriguez (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Jill Coghlan (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Ryan Rutkoski (Medicinal Chemistry)

Corrine Din (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Logan Smith (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Chinwe Eze (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Wenbin Tu (Medicinal Chemistry)

Mery Vet George De la Rosa (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Di Wang (Medicinal Chemistry)

Troy Halseth (Medicinal Chemistry)

Cameron White (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Kristen Hong (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Andrew Willmer (PharmD/PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Theodore Jennaro (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Jesse Wotring (Medicinal Chemistry)

Sun Min Jung (PharmD/PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Ziyun Xia (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Abbie Leino (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Fang Xie (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Chengyi Li (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Jin Xu (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Jiapeng Li (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)

Charles Zhang (Medicinal Chemistry)

Jinghan Liu (Medicinal Chemistry)

Shiyuan Zhang (Medicinal Chemistry)

Babak Mahjour (Medicinal Chemistry)

Tao Zheng (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Emily Makowski (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Yihao Zhuang (Medicinal Chemistry)

Marc McCann (Clinical Pharmacy Translational Sciences)