July 1, 2014
Clinical pharmacists from Beijing University Hospitals begin their Ann Arbor trip with a visit to the College of Pharmacy. Pictured from left to right: Dean Frank Ascione, Daniel Bleske, Junyu Xu, Dr. Barry Bleske, Lingyue Ma, Nan Zhao, Xia Zhao, Alena Wu (PharmD'16), and Diane Gledhill.

The College of Pharmacy welcomes Lingyue Ma, Junyu Xu, Xia Zhao, and Nan Zhao, clinical pharmacists from Beijing University First Hospital. They will be visiting Ann Arbor in June and July. During their visit, they will be observing clinical pharmacy practice at the University of Michigan Health System to learn about the United States health system and how the College of Pharmacy educates pharmacy students.

The College of Pharmacy has established a relationship with the Peking College of Pharmacy and the Beijing University First and Third Hospitals. Both Beijing hospitals have sent visitors to the College in the past few months to learn more about how pharmacy is practiced in America. In the Fall semester, the College, for the first time, will be sending two P4 students to Beijing for one of their advance pharmacy practice experiences,

"Once again, like we have done in the past with colleagues and students from India, Japan, and Syria, we are very excited to have the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge regarding pharmacy practice and pharmacy education here at the University of Michigan," states Barry Bleske.

"This visit is another step in a multiyear effort between the College of Pharmacy and selected Chinese institutions to establish a workable, collaborative educational model for both of our students.  We visited Beijing University First Hospital and were impressed with the quality of care they provided.  I am confident that our visitors will experience the same quality here," ends Dean Frank Ascione.