August 4, 2020
Dylan Johnston thanks Mr. Blank for his support.

The Sidney R. Blank Scholarship Fund

The Sidney R. Blank Scholarship Fund, established in 2014, provides scholarships to pharmacy doctoral students in good academic standing and with financial need.  Mr. Blank received his B.S.Pharm in 1960.

The scholarship recipient wrote their benefactor the following thank you letter in recognition of their generosity in FY2020. 

Dear Mr. Blank,

I would like to thank you for establishing the Sidney R. Blank Scholarship at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. This scholarship is one of many great opportunities given to students which allows us to obtain a higher education from a top college at an affordable rate. I am truly thankful that I am able to benefit from your generous gift.

Growing up a wolverine fan in a small rural town, Stanwood, Michigan, I always dreamt of attending the University of Michigan. However, my journey first started at Central Michigan University, where I studied biomedical sciences and nutrition knowing that I eventually wanted to continue my education in the health field. While completing my undergraduate degree I had a few classes that persuaded me into pursuing a career in pharmacy, and I knew right then that Michigan is where I wanted to go.

Once I started my professional degree at the College of Pharmacy, I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous different career paths that pharmacy had to offer. At the beginning I was not exactly sure where I wanted to practice after obtaining my PharmD. Now entering my third year of school, I am confident that after school I would like to pursue a career in ambulatory care pharmacy. I love the direct patient interaction that ambulatory care offers, and the opportunity to provide great patient care which can make a difference in patient’s lives.

I am looking forward to my last couple of years here at Michigan and want to say thank you for this great scholarship which allows me to attend this excellent College of Pharmacy. Go Blue!!

Dylan Johnston