July 31, 2020
Grace Hohn (left)
Grace Hohn (left) thanks the Lipper family for their generosity.

Robert and Nancy Lipper Scholarship

Established on March 16, 2015 by Robert and Nancy Lipper. This fund assists pharmacy students in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need.

Their scholarship recipient wrote the family the following thank you letter in recognition of their generosity in FY2020. 

Dear Lipper family, 

My name is Grace Hohn, and I am about to begin my P3 year at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. This year I was fortunate enough to receive the Robert and Nancy Lipper Scholarship to assist with my tuition. I want to thank you for founding this scholarship, I am truly grateful to have been awarded it, the assistance is greatly appreciated.

I was raised near Flint, Michigan along with my three younger siblings. When I graduated high school I went on to Olivet Nazarene University where I received a B.S. in biochemistry and then moved on to U of M's College of Pharmacy. I was in high school when my mom suggested that I become a pharmacist. To be honest, I didn't have a better idea at the time so I went along with it, and started taking classes that would be beneficial in helping me reach that career. The summer after I graduated high school, my sister was diagnosed with a progressive, neurological disease and I witnessed first-hand the incredible effect that the right (or wrong) drugs could have. By the time I graduated from Olivet, I had my own reasons for wanting to be a pharmacist.

To date most of my experience has been in community pharmacy. This summer I finished the first year of my internship with Meijer Pharmacy. Working at Meijer has helped me to learn a great deal about the impact I can have on the lives of my patients, as well as pharmacy in general. I have greatly enjoyed my internship, and am excited to see what it brings this year; however I may be more excited for my fourth year. My reasons for wanting to become a pharmacist are all related to the experience we have had with my sister, and I am looking forward to exploring other areas of pharmacy, especially clinical and ambulatory care. In the future I hope to be able to work directly with prescribers in choosing and tailoring therapy for individual patients with complicated medical histories. Completing a residency will be a vital part of being able to help these patients.

Thank you again for your generosity, I cannot say how thankful I am for the help as I continue my education. I'm excited to begin my P3 year, and will be sure to think of you throughout it.

Grace Hohn