September 25, 2023

The College of Pharmacy congratulates Greg Eschenauer, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy, who has been awarded the 2023 Department of Clinical Pharmacy’s Faculty Preceptor of the Year.

This honor recognizes both the quantity and quality of his preceptorship.

Student nominations describe Dr. Eschenauer as a phenomenal pharmacist and preceptor, who is dedicated to their growth.

Some key comments shared by students regarding Dr. Eschenauer’s precepting include:

  • “Not only was I able to understand the infectious disease more but he provided me with tools to continue improving even after the rotation to become a better clinician.”
  • “He is very passionate and knowledgeable about infectious diseases, and I would recommend this rotation to anyone who is interested in learning more about or pursuing this specialty for their career. “
  • “Dr. Eschenauer is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated educator. Throughout the rotation he pushed me to rely on my own knowledge and resources and often made clear that I was more capable and prepared to work out problems than I may have thought.”

These qualities and comments demonstrate the ideals of preceptors at the College of Pharmacy.

We also recognize Drs. Lydia Benitez Colon, Bernie Marini, and Randy Regal, who were also nominated. We are very fortunate to have so many preceptors in Clinical Pharmacy who are all deserving of recognition for their dedication and commitment to our students!”