November 3, 2016
Left to right: Matt Paterini, Lynn Switaj, and Nick Kirkpatrick

Nick Kirkpatrick, Lynn Switaj, and Matt Paterini wanted more exposure and knowledge about nontraditional roles in pharmacy and to pass that knowledge along to their peers. The three 2016 U-M College of Pharmacy PharmD graduates recognized a need, and The Nontraditional Pharmacist was born.

“Our goal for The Nontraditional Pharmacist is to be the single reference dedicated solely to nontraditional pharmacy,” explains Matt. “We want to expose interested pharmacists and pharmacy students to different pharmacy opportunities. Ultimately, we want to be able to connect employers with potential employees to help those looking for a new career.”  

"The project began during pharmacy school when we felt that there was not enough exposure to the vast amount of pharmacy roles available,” remembers Nick. “We found that much of the student body felt the same way, as did students at other colleges. The College did provide great speakers to highlight different positions and rotations to get some nontraditional exposure, but new roles are constantly emerging and the field of pharmacy continues to change and expand. While doing our own research, we found many websites and publications touch on nontraditional opportunities but we could not find a single source of information dedicated to the subject.”

Our website is a central information source designed to help expose unique roles for pharmacists. The purpose is to provide a platform for exploration into the different pharmacy options available, connect field leaders and employers with those interested, and provide resources helpful for professional success,” says Lynn. “Our current focus is interviewing leaders in nontraditional roles that are interested in hiring qualified candidates to help facilitate growth of these emerging positions.”

If you or anyone you know holds a nontraditional pharmacy role and would like to be featured on The Nontraditional Pharmacist, please email them to set up an interview.