September 22, 2021

Tiffany Porter, PharmD'12, shares her experience and advice as a staff pharmacist at CVS pharmacy and Olympian.  

U-M Pharmacy: What was your most memorable learning experience or impactful faculty mentor?

Dr. Porter: The late Dean Valener Perry had a profound impact on my journey to pharmacy. She helped me prior to pharmacy school to understand what the requirements and expectations were to be a student pharmacist.

U-M Pharmacy: What was your favorite extracurricular activity?

Dr. Porter: I ran track while at Michigan, both undergrad and while in pharmacy school. It was challenging but I enjoyed being a student athlete.

U-M Pharmacy: How did your fellow alumni or professional network impact your career?

Dr. Porter: While I was a P4 I was a leadership scholar and that was a very enriching experience. I sometimes visit the current leadership scholars and I enjoy attending their meetings because their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.

U-M Pharmacy: Tell us about your current position.

Dr. Porter: I am a staff pharmacist at CVS pharmacy inside of Target.

U-M Pharmacy: How did you discover this career path?

Dr. Porter: I knew I wanted to go into health care and pharmacy was a perfect fit. It allows me to work part time to focus on other interests, there is job security, we are valuable members of the health care team, the pay is great, and I really love science.

U-M Pharmacy: What advice do you have for students interested in this career path?

Dr. Porter: Shadow a pharmacist to understand the career better, study hard, and get a mentor.