August 5, 2016
The College of Pharmacy welcomes Emily Scott, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, effective August 1, 2016.

The College of Pharmacy is delighted to announce that Prof Emily Scott has joined the College as Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, effective August 1, 2016. Professor Scott was previously Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy, where she was on faculty for 12 years.

Her research focuses on understanding how individual human cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes perform roles in drug metabolism and physiologically important endogenous processes. Specifically, Professor Scott is interested in the basic biochemistry and structural biology of these intriguing membrane enzymes and the application of this knowledge to benefit human health. For example, CYP2A enzymes are involved in activation of tobacco procarcinogens into DNA-modifying agents, so inhibitors are of interest for their potential to prevent lung cancer. CYP17A1 is essential in production of steroid hormones that drive prostate cancer proliferation. Interactions of CYPs with their substrates and inhibitors are probed in Professor Scott's lab using a variety of biochemical and structural biology techniques including X-ray crystallography and high field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) studies.

Concurrent with Professor Scott's recruitment, the College of Pharmacy has partnered with the College of Literature, Sciences and the Arts, the Life Sciences Institute, the Medical School, and the Provost to purchase a new state-of-the-art 800 MHz NMR that will be the principal foundation of a forthcoming U-M NMR Center.

For more information, visit Professor Scott's lab website