Executive Board
E-board Position Name
President Belema Somairi
Vice President Sarah Alsomairy
Secretary Tasneem Bahar
Treasurer Hyun Gi Yun
Event Coordinator (This could be you!!)
Public Relations Flora Kibong
President-Elect Marissa Camilleria


Committee Chairs
Initiative Co-Chair(s):

(This could be you!!)

Chronic Kidney Disease Cathy Guo
Diabetes Jaclyn Roussel 
Global Health

Rebecca Augustin

 Aaron Johnson

Legislative Huda Ismail
Operation Immunization Rand Daaboul
Power to End Stroke

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Remember the Ribbon (HIV/AIDS)

Anastazia Capparelli

 Jake Pifer

Chapter Delegate Dragana Gerasimova 
Alternate Delegate

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Listing Row

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015