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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
  • PhD Students
    Medicinal Chemistry (2017)
    Name Program (Grad Year) Current Position E-Mail
    Suman Atwal (Gill)
    Chemical Biology (2012)
    Scientist and Project Manager of IND-enabling Program, Carmot Therapeutics, Inc.
    Allen Brooks
    Medicinal Chemistry (2011) (joint w/ Prof. Showalter)
    Research Investigator, University of Michigan, Medical School
    Yi-Chen Chen
    Medicinal Chemistry (2011)
    Pharmacist, CVS, Ann Arbor, MI
    Shaorong Chong
    Pharmacognosy (1995)
    Director of Protein Biology and Biochemistry, Arbor Biotechnologies, Boston, MA
    Alan Curnow
    Medicinal Chemistry (1995)
    Pharmacist, Providence Park Hospital, Novi, MI
    Anthony Emanuele
    Medicinal Chemistry (2015)
    Senior Development Scientist, Beckman-Coulter, Southfield, MI
    DeeAnne Goodenough-Lashua
    Medicinal Chemistry (2001)
    Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
    Geoffery Hoops
    Medicinal Chemistry (1995)
    Professor of Chemistry, Butler University
    Julie K. Hurt (Cutcher)
    Medicinal Chemistry (2009)
    Medical Writer at Whitsell Innovations
    Jeffrey D. Kittendorf
    Medicinal Chemistry (2004)
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, PharmaForensics Laboratories and Co-Founder & Vice President, Alluvium Biosciences Inc., Ann Arbor, MI
    Fan-Lu Kung
    Medicinal Chemistry (1998)
    Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University
    Susanne Nonekowski
    Medicinal Chemistry (2001)
    Distinguished University Lecturer, Dept of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Toledo
    Nathan Scharf
    Medicinal Chemistry (2017)
    Asistant Professor, University of Tampa, FL
    Maxwell Stefan
    Medicinal Chemistry (2018)
    Postdoc, Sandia National Labs, Livermore, CA
    C. Eric Thomas
    Medicinal Chemistry (2004)
    >Associate Director, LC-MS Scientific Lead, Covance Inc., Indianapolis, IN
    Katherine Todorov (Abold)
    Medicinal Chemistry (2003)
    Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force


  • Postdoctoral Fellows
    Current Position
    Years in Lab
    Stephanie Chervin, PhD
    Pre-Health Academic Advisor, LS&A, University of Michigan
    Anthony Emanuele, PhD
    Senior Development Scientist, Beckman-Coulter, Southfield, MI
    Irosha Nawarathne, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Lyon College, Arkansas
    Sureyya Olgen, PhD
    Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Ankara University, Turkey
    Maxwell Stefan, PhD
    Postdoc, Sandia National Labs, Livermore, CA


  • Visiting Researchers
    Name Current Position Year in Lab E-mail
    Klaus Reuter, PhD University of Marburg, Germany 1994
    Ruth Brenk, PhD University of Dundee, UK 2003
    Ullrich Gradler, PhD   2001  


  • Other Research Staff
    Name Current Position Years in Lab E-mail
    Shannon Hough (Bauer), BS, PharmD Clinical Specialist Coordinator - Ambulatory Oncology Initiatives, Michigan Medicine 2006-07
    Stefanie Stachura, BS, MD Physician Fall 2003 - Summer 2006, Summer 2007
    Keith Koch, BS   1990-91  


  • PharmD Students
    Name Graduation Year Current Position
    Lisa Barcomb 2002 Scientific Director, Immunology Pharmaceutical Development at AbbVie
    Joseph Elijah 2021 PharmD In Progress
    Candice Emeigh 2007 Pharmacist, Clarkston, MI
    Amy Grudzinski 1996 Director, Outcomes Research, Pfizer, Inc.
    Umbreen Idrees 2001 Clinical Specialist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
    Sarah Jamal 1999  
    Keila LaFreniere 2020  
    Rebecca Lalani 2012 Fellowship, Bayer, NJ
    Muhammad Mamdani 1995 Pharmacist, Guelph, ON, Canada
    Laura Miesle (Sardelli) 2006 Professional Associate, McNeil Consumer & Specialty Products
    Judy (Chiou-Shia) Pi 1995 Practice Coordinator, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
    Amy Smith 1994 Ophthalmologist,St. Clair Shores, MI
    Susan Warner (Eshelman) 1998 Clinical Trial Operations Team Leader, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN
    Kristen Ward (Wiese) 2014 PharmD Fellow, University of Michigan
    Young Sam Won 1994 Clinical Pharmacist, Oncology, Dallas, TX
    Michelle Yu 2008  


  • Undergrad & MS Students
    Name Year in Lab Status then
    Elisa Babilonia Summer 1999 MS-University of Puerto Rico
    Brenda Baran Summer 2007 UG-Kalamazoo College
    Agnes Crochemar-Galou Summer 2010 Pharmacy-Paris Descartes University, France
    Christina Dahlin 2005-06 UROP, UG-University of Michigan
    Edgar Diaz Summer 1999 MS-University of Puerto Rico
    Anthony Emanuele 2008-09 Biochemistry Honors Thesis, UG-University of Michigan
    Joan Fath Summer 2011 UG Honors Thesis, UG-University of Michigan-Flint
    Cheryse Furman Summer 2002 SROP, UG-UC Irvine
    Chris Holt 2009-10 Biochemistry Honors Research, UG-University of Michigan
    Shannon Hough (Bauer) Summer 2005 UG-Kalamazoo College
    Blake Hurt Summer 2004 UG-Kalamazoo College
    Julie Hurt (Cutcher) Summer 2003 & 2004 UG-Kalamazoo College
    Arrin Kontos 2014-15 UG-University of Michigan
    Laren Lofchy 2015-17 UG-University of Michigan
    Joslyn Rudoni (Neal) 2009-10 UG-University of Michigan
    Melissa Redwood Summer 2009 REU, UG-Eastern Michigan University
    Carlos Rodriguez Summer 1996 MS-University of Puerto Rico
    Lisset Sanchez Morgado Summer 2016 REU, UG-Miami Made Community College
    Irene (Hoi Wan) Tam Fall 2009 Pharmacy-University of Bath, England
    Fatima Ugur 2013-15 UG-University of Michigan
    Carol Valez Summer 2010 REU, UG-University of Puerto Rico