Selected Publications

  • Ashkar, S.R., Rajeswaran, W., Lee, P.H., Thrasher, C.M., Franzblau, S.G., Murakami, K., Showalter, H.D.H., and Garcia, G.A., “Optimization of Benzoxazinorifamycins to Minimize hPXR Activation for Treatment of Tuberculosis and HIV Coinfection”, ACS Infectious Diseases (2022),, PMID:35772743.


  • Rajeswaran, W., Ashkar, S., Lee, P.H., Shin, Y., Franzblau, S.G., Murakami, K., Showalter, H.D.H., and Garcia, G.A., “Optimization of Benzoxazinorifamycins to Improve M. tuberculosis RNA Polymerase Inhibition and Treatment of Tuberculosis”, ACS Infectious Diseases, (2022),, PMID: 35772744.


  • Stefan, M.A., Velazquez, G.M., and Garcia, G.A., “High-throughput Screening to Discover Inhibitors of the CarD•RNA Polymerase Protein-Protein Interaction in Mycobacterium tuberculosis”, Nature Scientific Reports (2020), DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-78269-3.


  • Stefan, M.A., Ugur, F.S., and Garcia, G.A., "Source of the Fitness Defect in Rifamycin-Resistant M. Tuberculosis RNA Polymerase and the Mechanism of Compensation by Secondary Mutations”, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2018),62 (6), e00164-18, 1-13


  • Scharf, N.T., Kontos, A., Molodtsov, V., Murakami, K.S., and Garcia, G.A., “Novel Chemical Scaffolds for Inhibition of Rifamycin-Resistant RNA Polymerase Discovered from High-Throughput Screening”, SLAS Discovery (2017), 22 (3), 287-297, PMCID: PMC5323270.


  • Molodtsov, V., Scharf, N.T., Stefan, M.A., Garcia, G.A., and Murakami, K.S., “Structural Basis for Rifampin-Resistance of Bacterial RNA Polymerase by Clinically Important Rifampin Resistant Mutations”, Molecular Microbiology (2017), 103 (6), 1034-1045, PMCID: PMC5344776.


  • Emanuele, A.A. and Garcia, G.A., “Mechanism of Action and Initial, In vitro SAR of an Inhibitor of the Shigella flexneri Virulence Regulator VirF”, PLOS One (2015), e0137410 PMCID: PMC4564171.


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Our work (Molodtsov et al.) has been featured on the cover of the July 11, 2013 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

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