June 18, 2014
Pictured from left to right: Top Row: Lynette Davis, Reema Hakim, Larry Merlo (CVS Caremark), Scott Jecmen (Accenture), Alena Wu, Julie Francisco, Bottom Row: Zeinab Abdallah, Katie Dudzinski, Jennifer Liang, Sophia Juncaj.

On Thursday, June 5, 2014 U-M College of Pharmacy students participated in a student-only reception, where they were able to meet and network with Larry Merlo, president and CEO of CVS Caremark.

The students are active members of the Detroit Economic Club (DEC) Educational Outreach Program, which provides a unique opportunity for high school and college students to engage in today’s important business and political issues. The Club has a long history of inviting students to participate in its meetings to expose our young people to the dynamics of Detroit’s economic environment. 

Each year, approximately 1,600 high school and college students attend DEC meetings – thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors and individual members. 

Prior to each meeting, participating students have a unique opportunity to meet with the guest speaker and presiding officer at a student-only reception. This provides an unparalleled experience for young people to ask questions and engage in thoughtful discussion with today’s leading business, economic and political leaders. 

Mr. Merlo kept listeners engaged during his presentation about the nation's evolving health care system. Mr. Merlo explained how CVS Caremark is helping consumers, employers, health plans, physicians and hospitals navigate the changing health care landscape.

"It was a very neat experience to share the Q&A session with other College of Pharmacy students and local high school students. I was intrigued by the different minds gathered in the room, and I loved the free, open atomsphere Mr. Larry Merlo gave us to ask questions. It benefited me to see the flexibility of successful leaders to bend and change with time and the value they place in future generations," states Alenu Wu, PharmD'16.

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