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The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) at the University of Michigan Student Chapter endeavors to enrich the academic experience of its members by being an organization that is socially active and professionally responsible. The members of the AAPS student chapter are given an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, pharmacogenomic, proteomic, bioinformatic, and drug delivery research. The AAPS student chapter strives to provide its members with an opportunity to interact with people in academia and industry and thus help them learn more about the function and organization of industry and academia, as well as make useful contacts. Besides the academic enrichment, the student chapter also encourages social events that help develop a bond between the chapter members who come from diverse backgrounds, but are currently working in related areas of research. Further, they work toward promoting pharmaceutics as an area of research amongst undergraduate and graduate students from other disciplines.

What is the AAPS national organization?

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a national organization with the aim of advancing the impact of the pharmaceutical sciences toward improving global health by providing a vast network of members that are focused on learning, innovation, service, inclusiveness, and integrity.  Notably, AAPS member benefits include discounted registration fees to the annual meeting (PharmSci 360) and various workshops throughout the year, a free subscription to the AAPS Newsmagazine, access to AAPS webinars and eCourses, networking opportunities both at the annual meeting and through the online member directory, and ultimately career advancement through these education and networking opportunities.

Why should I participate in the AAPS student chapter?

  • Get to know fellow students and potential future coworkers/collaborators
  • Foster collaborations between labs or in extracurricular activities
  • Gain experience planning and engaging in larger professional events
  • Relieve stress and HAVE FUN
  • Learn more about areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences outside your immediate interests
  • Gain experience as a mentor and/or teacher
  • Speak about sensitive topics in a safe space with fellow students
  • Engage in a variety of cultural activities that are different from your own


What is PGSRM?



The Pharmaceutics Graduate Student Research Meeting (PGSRM) is an annual midwest regional conference organized by students for students.  PGSRM is hosted at rotating universities each June, and all students are encouraged to attend and to present their research in poster or podia format when applicable.  Registration and transportation fees are covered by the department for all Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD students. The University of Michigan last hosted PGSRM in June 2017.  The 2023 PGSRM conference was hosted by Purdue University and the 2024 PGSRM conference will be hosted by the University of Iowa.


What types of social events does AAPS Student Chapter host?




The AAPS Student Chapter hosts a variety of social events, including happy hours, bowling, attending professional and collegiate sporting events, tailgates, pumpkin carving, potlucks, summer cookouts, camping, kayaking, ice cream socials, IM sports teams, and many more.  We are always looking to incorporate new social events and would love any suggestions!


What types of professional development events does AAPS Student Chapter host?

The AAPS Student Chapter hosts at least one professional development session per year and is also dedicated to relaying information on external professional development opportunities available throughout the university.  Past AAPS professional development session topics include StrengthsFinder, mock evaluations of faculty applying for tenure, and how to critique scientific publications. Suggestions for future AAPS professional development events are welcome!

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