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    Fall 2020
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed: COVID19 & The Racial Health Gap 9/9 @ 6 PM via Zoom

Abdul El-Sayed is physician, epidemiologist, public health expert, and an activist for pressing social issues such as health disparities and racial injustices. The main objective of the event is to dissect the racial gap present in the novel COVID-19 pandemic, and how future health care providers can help eliminate racism in a health-care setting.

Traditional Diets and Their Impact on Health 10/5 @ 6:30 PM via Zoom

Informative event on how traditional diets influence health. The main objective is to shed light on diets from around the world and discuss specific dietary suggestions that could be tailored to patients of varying cultural backgrounds. 

National Coming Out Day 10/19 @ 6 PM via Zoom

Every year, MPSO celebrates National Coming Out Day by hosting an event raise awareness about LGBTQ+ health and a brief history of National Coming Out Day.

Native American Health  11/2 @ 6 PM via Zoom

November is Native American Heritage month! The main objective of the event is to gain insight on Native American health, since we have so little exposure to it.

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