This course examines the history of race and racism in medicine and healthcare in the United States and is divided into five generally chronological modules: (1) Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality; (2) Racial Ideologies and the Construction of Race, (3) Racialized Slavery and the Paternalism of Care; (4) Race-based Medical Care and Civil Rights in the 20th Century; and, (5) Health Justice in the 21st Century. Each module will approach the history of race and racism in medicine across time to understand 1) how race and racism were foundational to the development of medicineand its various fields in the US, 2) how the field of medicine traversed social, scientific, political, cultural, and economic boundaries, 3) the role of white supremacy in science and medicine and the corresponding construction of racialized identities, and 4) the role of resistance and advocacy in shaping and challenging unjust medical practices. Further, each module will focus on the core content as well as skills of critical analysis. As such, the structure of this course will include discussions and activities related to the course readings as well as work on collaborative and inquiry projects. Reading course materials will be paramount, but so too will we learn and refine our skills of processing, reflection, critical inquiry, collaboration, and collective meaning-making. Consequently, writing will also be a major tool of engagement.

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MedAdmin 7300

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History of Race and Racism

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