June 10, 2015
Anthony Emanuele (left), Frank Kwarcinski (center), and Taylor Johnson (right), were recognized for their contributions to the Department of Medicinal Chemistry.

During the Tenth Annual Leroy B. Townsend Symposium on May 14, 2015, three graduate students were acknowledged for their contributions to the Department of Medicinal Chemistry.  The students were recognized for their achievements during the 2014-2015 academic year, as well as their entire tenure while obtaining their PhDs.  Frank Kwarcinski received the Research Excellence Award for his research in Professor Matthew Soellner’s Laboratory on kinase inhibitors. By the time he graduates in Fall Term of 2015, Frank is expected to have 4 first-author publications in top journals, and numerous other papers. Frank was awarded a $1000 scholarship to attend a research conference.

Anthony Emanuele and Taylor Johnson shared this year’s other two awards, which include a $250 gift for each recipent. The “Graduate Student Instructor Award”, recognized Taylor for her outstanding teaching in MedChem 600, “Principles of Drug Action II.” Anthony was acknowledged for his exceptional teaching in MedChem 510, “Principles of Drug Action I”.

Anthony and Taylor have supported many department events since they joined the PhD program in 2010. Whether it was hosting one of the many distinguished visitors for the MedChem Seminar Series, assisting with the set-up and clean-up for department special events, or by mentoring other graduate students; both Anthony and Taylor are well deserving of the “Department Excellence Award.”