August 5, 2020
We are thrilled to announce the eight (8) U-M College of Pharmacy alumni that were elected by fellow classmates to represent them on the College’s Alumni Society Board of Governors. These individuals will serve a three-year term with the opportunity to run again. 
The roles of the Board are to foster communication between the College and its alumni, to take leadership roles in College activities, and to offer counsel to assure that the College’s traditions of excellence remain intact.

Newly elected members:

C. Brett Benfield             


“I regularly pause to appreciate the quality of pharmacy education I received at the U-M College of Pharmacy and want to be a part of ensuring that quality is maintained for the years to come.”

Sandra Chase   


“As a previous member of the Board of Governors, many years ago, I feel I can bring some historical perspective to the Board during this time of transition between Deans.” 

John Andrew Lee            


“Both as a coach/peer-mentor and as an ambassador for the College, I hope to engage and encourage both students and alumni alike for what the College stands for.” 

Alexandra Lin Tungol - re-elected


“As a residency program director and preceptor for interns and APPE students, I have a commitment to professional development and mentorship of our future pharmacy leaders.”

Millie Mo

“I think having a strong alumni network is very important, especially in pharmacy, where pharmacy students are looking for mentors and words of advice as they are trying to determine what path they want to take in the profession.”

Uzoma Okeagu

“The work ethic, values, and pharmaceutical expertise taught at the College have allowed me to excel in my profession. Therefore, I would like to do my part and contribute to the career development of current students."

Nabeel  Qureshi - re-elected


“U of M COP has made significant advancements in preparing current students to seek dual-degrees to augment their PharmD degrees. I hope to continue to advise current students and alumni on how they can better prepare for changing pharmacist roles of the future.” 

Janis Rood

“My desire is to bring my passion and commitment to the profession, our students and our patients and serve the College in a greater capacity as a Member of the Board.”




We thank the following departing members for their years of service to the Board:
Jennifer Campagna, PharmD’00
Jamie Connarn, PhD’15
Kevin Fantich, PharmD’08
James T. O’Donnell, PharmD’71
Jerome Stevens, PharmD’09
Lenore Tominna, PharmD’06
For more information on how you can become a member of the College’s Alumni Society Board of Governors, visit:
*Returning member